A quite hurricane season (so far) and a reason to follow weatherTAP


Weather Headlines

–Pleasant weather continues for a few more days

–The next best chance of rain comes early next week

Main threats

No significant threats in sight.


We have a stretch of really nice weather in store for us. Humidity levels will be lower and temperatures won’t be too hot for this time of year.

Our pattern becomes more unsettled on Sunday, and that could lead to some isolated storms across the plateau. It’s nothing to cancel any outdoor plans over.

The first half of next week is looking even more unsettled and that will lead to a greater coverage of showers and storms.

There are indications that the end of next week could bring a return of another stretch of nice days. We’re getting into that time of year when stretches of nice days should become more common. Before you know it, I’ll be talking about fall-like afternoons and crisp, cool nights.


Insert the sound of crickets….


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was 59 degrees on January 5, 1974. Notice that temperature was recorded in January. Keep in mind that Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere. That was the middle of summer for them.


The highest dewpoint temperature ever recorded in Nashville was recorded on this day in 1995. That was when the dewpoint hit 82 degrees.

The dewpoint is the temperature at which the air will be saturated (aka 100% relative humidity). That means that on that day, it would be raining at 82 degrees! That’s a warm rain!

The higher your dewpoint temperature is the more moist the air is. If your air temperature is 85 but your dewpoint is 25, the air is very dry. It’s a long way to 25 degrees to get rain when you’re 85 degrees (that happens in deserts). However, if you’re air temp is 85 and your dewpoint is 75 degrees, you’re not that far from having saturated air, and it will feel quite humid outside.

The general rule of thumb is that the closer the air temp is to the dewpoint, the more moist the air is. Think about it, that means your closer to 100% humidity. In meteorology we use dewpoint, rather than humidity, to analyze moisture in the air. I’m actually writing about that for this week’s weather article. Stay tuned for more info!



One year ago today

It was a pleasant day, with a high of 83 and a low of 64 degrees. No rainfall was recorded.


Severe t-storms in Colorado on Tuesday may have produced the largest recorded hail in that state’s history! A hailstone the size of a grapefruit was recovered and saved and, following further confirmation, may go down as a state record. That’s one record they can have, right? ha

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I also wanted to let you know that I looked up the stats for this blog yesterday and I was very pleasantly surprised! The stats show that this blog only had 410 views for the first month of its existence, which was June of 2017. Now, I have up to 12,000 views a month! That is hard to believe! It’s also very humbling.

It’s a pretty darn good feeling when so many people enjoy reading what I thoroughly enjoy writing. Thank you! 


7-Day forecast


You all have a great day!

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