5:15 storm update from the SPC

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a new update for our area (red-circled area). They stated that they do not anticipate issuing a severe t-storm watch for Middle TN or the plateau. This complex of storms that we’ve been tracking all day is moving our direction, for sure, but it is finally showing signs of disorganization and weakening. This will still increase our chance for showers and storms this evening, but the severe threat is looking lower.

You may notice the area of discussion for West TN. They are anticipated a severe t-storm watch to be issued for them, as storms move south. Notice those storms look more organized and intense than the ones coming our way.

Below is the current radar. Activity is moving south, southeast.


Storms will approach the western plateau within the next hour to hour and a half. One thing I have noticed is that many of these storms have slowed to a crawl. I could literally run faster than some of them are moving. Earlier today, storms were moving at 45-55 mph. Now, they’re down to 5-15 mph. Slower storms tend to signal weakening. That is good news! If these storms don’t pick up the pace, we may never see anything from them.

Outflows from these storms have been kicking off storms ahead of the line. We could easily see some storms pop up at any moment from these boundaries slipping south. Just keep an eye on your phone’s radar if you have outdoor plans this evening. Keep an eye out for lightning too. Right now, there’s not much around. Just keep an eye on that radar and lightning data.

I’ll keep an eye on things!

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