Soaking rains for us, and a tropical threat looming for Florida?


Weather Headlines

–Soaking rains for your Monday

–Storms possible for Tuesday. These should stay below severe limits.

–Beautiful weather for the middle to end of the week

Main threats

No significant threats in sight


We’ll see widespread showers today. It doesn’t look like we’ll get anything too heavy, just a good soaking rain.

For Tuesday, a cold front will move through and that could set of showers and storms. These storms are not expected to become severe but a couple of them could become strong. I’ll keep an eye on it. The greatest chance for rain appears to be in the afternoon and evening.

That cold front ushers in a very pleasant air mass for the middle and end of this week! That nice weather should tarry with us through the first half of the Labor Day weekend, with the second half of the weekend becoming a bit more unsettled. I’ll keep fine tuning that forecast as the weekend draws closer.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Some of you may remember the miserably hot and dry summer of 2007. On this day that year, Nashville hit a high temperature of 94 degrees. That marked the 32nd consecutive day of 90+ degree temperatures for the city, which was a record. The average high for the city during this remarkable stretch of hot weather was 98.2 degrees.

I was living in Nashville when this was going on and it was just unbelievably hot. Some people even had home foundation problems because the ground got so hot and dry it caused some foundations to crack. For those of us who like to run, we had to either get out before sunrise, or well after sunset. It was hot! (ha)


The big story in tropical news is Tropical Storm Dorian. The forecast path takes the system into the Caribbean by Tuesday. At that point, the storm is expected to strengthen into a cat 1 hurricane. As you can see, the forecast path takes the storm into the Bahamas by next Saturday, where it will have to be monitored (assuming it survives the islands of the Caribbean). Pictured below is the forecast path, as shown on weatherTAP’s RadarLab.


We still have another system that is east of the Carolina coast, moving out to sea. That system may become a storm later today or tonight. It is, however, absolutely no threat to land. Hurricane reconnaissance missions have been canceled for the storm, due to its movement out to sea and away from the US.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Once charges are able to make a connection between cloud and ground, the resulting lightning bolt races downward at speeds of up to 200,000 mph.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Stepped Leader

The initial leader of a lightning discharge. This line-up of charged establishes the path for the first strike. Direct hits from these strikes are 100% unsurvivable. Indirect hits, or “glancing blows”, from these strikes are survivable and are what lead many to believe they’ve survived a direct hit.

NASA Knowledge

President Kennedy insisted on seeing the Saturn V rocket that would take astronauts to the moon. Despite making his security detail very nervous, he visited the site where the rocket was being assembled. He stood in awe.

He then flew from Florida to Texas to work to get support for the 1964 election. Six days after visiting NASA and seeing the work being done for the mission to the moon, President Kennedy was assassinated.


The big weather news here on the mainland is the outbreak of severe weather expected across Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. All modes of severe weather are possible. This is from the cold front that will moving through here tomorrow. Thankfully, it will have calmed down considerably before passing through here.


You all have a great day!



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