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Big tropical trouble looming for Florida, while we enjoy nice weather


Weather Headlines

–Gorgeous weather in the days ahead

–Labor Day weekend is looking nice

–The tropics are becoming quite concerning

Main threats

No threats in sight.


Skies will gradually clear today, setting the stage for a beautiful late-August day. Humidity levels are dropping, thanks to light northerly breezes. This beautiful weather will stay with us through the Labor Day weekend, with only a slight chance for a shower or storm Sunday.

Worried I might get bored with this nice weather? Don’t worry about me! Tropical Storm Dorian will give me more than enough to watch over the coming days. More on that in the “Tropics” section below!



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin bailed out of his plane at a height of 46,000 into a violent thunderstorm on this day in 1959. He later wrote about his 45-minute journey. That journey would normally have only taken 13 minutes. He described the experience as “the most bizarre and painful experience imaginable.”


The headline today is Tropical Storm Dorian. She will remain in the headlines for many days to come. As of this morning, the data looks more concerning. This is a very compact storm and those are always the trickiest for forecasting intensity.

The storm continues to track in a way that should take it right into the east coast of Florida by Monday. What’s concerning is that the models now strengthen Dorian into a hurricane, and very healthy one. There are indications that Dorian will strengthen into a major hurricane (cat 3), though the majority of guidance suggests a cat 2. Still, that’s a formidable storm for the Sunshine state.

The storm is gaining strength and now has winds of 60 mph, up from the 50 mph winds it had all day yesterday. This is one to watch, folks, and I’ll be doing plenty of that!


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The average raindrop, once it begins to fall, takes about two minutes to reach the ground.

The smallest of raindrops (drizzle, mist, etc) can take up to seven minutes to fall!

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


The climate for periods of time for which there was no instruments to measure it. Climate information for these times include soil sediments, tree rings (for the oldest of trees), ice core samples, ocean sediments, ancient ice, geologic sediments, and more!

Even with no instruments to measure it, we can still learn a lot about past climates from what nature gives us to study it by.

NASA Knowledge

Weighing in around 6 million pounds, NASA’s crawler-transporter will carry the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39B for the launch of Artemis 1, the name given for our mission to the moon. And driving all of that weight around is no easy task — something that Breanne Stichler, one of the few women to ever drive the crawler, is discovering.

I actually met this young lady during a recent NASA Social. She was very excited to be doing this job. What an incredible opportunity for her! 

“It will be like steering a large ship with a skyscraper on top,” says Breanne Stichler. She’s one of nine mechanical engineers for NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems who drive the crawler-transporters at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, which will carry the mobile launcher, Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft to the launchpad for Artemis missions to the Moon.

For more information, please see:

69242582_10156429097493091_1925185452248137728_o First Female Crawler Driver


The big weather news today will come from analysis of Tropical Storm Dorian. These small, compact storms are always the most interesting to watch. They can take on a personality all of their own, varying in intensity and direction on a whim. Let’s hope the models stay consistent, allowing folks in Florida to prepare as much as possible.

You all have a great day!



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