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10:00 update on Dorian from the National Hurricane Center

The 10:00 update is out and Hurricane Dorian is stronger. She is now a cat 2 hurricane with 105 mph winds. She still looks a  little messy on satellite, and this is the strongest hurricane I’ve ever seen that didn’t have a clear eye. This is likely because the storm is strengthening. At any moment a clear eye could easily emerge. Still, it’s odd for the storm to be this strong and not have a clear eye. ….stranger things have happened in the weather business (ha).


Hurricane Hunters have been busy flying through the storm tonight, getting all the data they can. Here’s what that data looks like, in case you’re interested.


And here is the flight path: (pretty cool, right?)


The latest track continues to take Dorian toward Florida as a very powerful category 4 hurricane. Keep in mind that Michael, a cat 5 hurricane, hit northwest Florida just last year. The Sunshine State could use a break but I’m not sure they’re going to get one.

The path has been shifted southward a bit more. This is looking more and more like a storm that could get into the Gulf. I’ll have more updates on this tomorrow, when more data has become available.


Need to brush up on your hurricane categories? I have you covered!



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