Dorian update

Grand Bahama Island has never experienced a land-falling cat 5 hurricane. That is about to change.

In the radar image below, Grand Bahama is the long island that stretches east to west in front of the hurricane. Relative to the image, the eye is moving left (west) at 5 mph. What a horrendous combination….a slow-moving cat 5 hurricane.

There’s also been another uptick in lightning activity, which is interesting. This time, it is suspected that this uptick is because an eyewall replacement is about to begin. This is when a hurricane collapses the present eye, and replaces it with a new one. Basically, you would see the outermost eyewall contract and form a new eye.

Dorian’s winds, remarkably, remain at 185 mph with gusts to 220 mph. This is the most powerful land-falling storm since the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 in the Florida Keys.

Let’s keep the folks on these islands so very close to our hearts tonight and, if you wish, in your dearest prayers.


A turn to the north is expected tonight, though Dorian will come perilously close to the Florida coastline.

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