Four more storms developing, and an update on catastrophic Dorian.

The 4:00 update from the National Hurricane Center is out and Dorian remains a catastrophic cat 4 hurricane. Winds are now at 145 mph, with higher gusts. The storm has been relentlessly pounding Grand Island Bahama today.

The latest forecast track shows Dorian paralleling the Florida coastline, just offshore, over the coming days. The slow-moving hurricane is expected to maintain “major” hurricane status for nearly the next 72 hours. That is just remarkable.

Everyone along the Florida coasts is urged to take this storm very seriously. Even if they avoid a direct landfall, which isn’t certain, Florida could still see very severe weather conditions from the backside of this storm.


Below is a radar image of Dorian. (Imagery from weatherTAP’s customizeable RadarLab)


If you didn’t get your hurricane fill with Dorian just hold on. We have four more areas that will very likely become tropical storms, and possibly hurricanes, over the coming week. The two just coming off Africa will need to be watched….and we have plenty of time to do that. It’s been a while since the Atlantic has been this busy!


Today is the anniversary of Dorian’s rival, the Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (that was before we started naming them). That cat 5 tore through the Florida Keys and destroyed nearly everything in its path. We hadn’t seen a storm that powerful make landfall until Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas yesterday. Interesting that they both occur on or near Labor Day. Notice the 1935 hurricane’s path. Thank God Dorian didn’t follow in that one’s footsteps! Still, the similarities and differences are uncanny.


This was the headline in the Fort Lauderdale Daily News that day. Shootings, questionable voting practices, and hurricanes. Some things never change.


Please keep in mind that Dorian will have NO impact on our weather. None. Well, if we’re lucky we may get to see the westernmost edge of the cloud shield on Thursday. No weather will come from that, just prettier skies to our east.

You all have a great Labor Day evening and please keep the folks in the Bahamas close to your hearts. Let’s remember our Florida neighbors, too.


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