Registration is now open for the rocket classes for kids!

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Weather Headlines

–The weather stays quite calm for the next several days

–Watching the tropics for the next named storm

–Go to the News section below to register your child for the rocket classes next month

Main threats

No major threats, just be safe in the afternoon heat (especially next week).


Quiet weather continues for the next week or so. The biggest weather news for us will be the hot temperatures early next week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see records broke across the state.

A “cold” front may bring a better chance of rain by next Saturday. I’ll keep you posted!


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



A late-summer heat wave brought 100+ degree temps to the state on this day in 1925. Clarksville hit 112 degrees, which is just one degree shy of Tennessee’s hottest temperature degree reading in history (113 deg at Perryville on 8-9-30).


Dorian is finally accelerating northeastward as a cat 1 hurricane. The storm will bring high winds and very heavy surf to Nova Scotia and then finally die down to just a disturbance. This is the life of tropical systems. So often they spin up in the tropics, move westward, then turn northward, and eventually die in the arctic. It’s just Nature’s way of trying to equal things out.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle spins out at sea, where she will remain. Good luck with that one, fish. (ha)

Then, we have the orange-shaded region off the coast of Africa. This is the prime time of year when we have to keep our eyes on those systems. But, we have MANY days to track/watch that and I’ll be doing just that!


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The most rain to ever fall in a minute in the US fell on Unionville, Maryland on April 7, 1956. In just 60 seconds, 1.23 inches of rain fell! That record remains today.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Cloud Bursts

An extreme amount of precipitation in a short period of time, local in nature and of brief duration.

NASA Knowledge

Big space news out of India. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end well. They tried to land Chandrayaan-2 on the moon yesterday. The spacecraft had a rover that was to explore the moon for a year, in places where we’ve never sent rovers. In fact, nothing but satellites have viewed this part of the moon. But, just before landing, something went wrong and all communication was lost. There’s a good chance it landed too roughly, or fell into a crater, or something. This was very unfortunate and just goes to show how very difficult it is to work in space.

This would have made India only the fourth country to ever soft-land something on the moon, and it would have been the first time a rover would have explored the South Pole of the moon. The South Pole is where we hope to have a manned station someday.


Registration is now open for my rocket classes next month! Be sure and sign up. The younger kids class is already over half full and I just opened registration last night!

For the 8-10 year olds, use this link:

For the 11-13 year olds, use this link:

Both classes will meet just like this week’s did, with the older kids at Roane State at 4:30 on October 3, and the younger kids at the library at 4:30 on October 4. This will be a very fun class and I can’t wait to teach it!

I posted this on Facebook and I’ll share it here, as well…….

I can’t say enough about how well this first round of science classes went with these kids! All the kids were so good…. well behaved, polite, attentive. So many questions and so much wonder. I’m just so impressed.

You parents need a BIG pat on the back too, for seeing the value in such a class for your child. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Natalie Canfield and Crystal Fields Bruce for STRONGLY encouraging me to do this…to at least try this. Well, I think it’s safe to say it worked.

I need to thank both Roane State and the Art Circle Public Library for letting me use their wonderful facilities at no charge. Both are incredible assets to this community and were both very helpful.

The reward I’ve been given is worth every minute of my time and every piece of my heart that I put into this. I’ve always been such a STRONG believer in education. It’s just so very important.

Again, I THANK YOU parents who took the time and made the effort to bring your kids the past two evenings. I hope you all learned something too! (I swear I saw some of you have some Aha moments! 🤓lol ). Just be sure and tell those kids that they have absolutely made my days!

I think we’re on to something with this, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Finally, to all you Crossville people reading this…expect the population of little weather, NASA, and science nerds to increase dramatically in the coming months in this town. You’ve been warned! 😂


You all have the best day and a great weekend!


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