Heat wave for us, frost advisories up north


Weather Headlines

–September heat wave ensues

–Only slight chances of rain exist each day, mainly heat-of-the-day activity

–Monitoring the tropics

Main threats

No widespread threats this week. Just be careful in the afternoon heat.


A rather significant September heat wave will bring us some very hot temperatures this week. That seven-day outlook below looks very summer-like!

The only chance for rain will be mostly from heat-of-the-day afternoon/evening storms. Those will be so very far and few. A better chance of rain may come by the weekend, with the approach of a cold front.


Today’s almanac is unavailable, due to technical issues with the NWS homepage. Hopefully, it will be available later. 

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Today’s record is from 1921 and reminds us that tropical systems do not need to be intense to lead to a lot of destruction. It’s the water that does the damage and takes lives. Perhaps someday we’ll stop focusing on the wind and start focusing on the water.

It was on this day that a dying tropical depression (not even a tropical storm) moved into Thrall, located in southeast Texas. The system dropped a whopping 38.2 inches of rain on the town, killing 224 people. Three feet of that water fell in only 18 hours.


The tropics are certainly worth watching today. Notice the disturbance that is being monitored as it moves toward the Hurricane Dorian-ravaged northern Bahamas. That is the last thing they need. Thankfully, it only has a slight chance of developing. For their sake, let’s hope it doesn’t develop into anything.

The system behind it is still worth watching, though the National Hurricane Center has lowered its chance in the past few days. Hopefully, that will just dissipate at sea.

Gabrielle is just spinning away at sea, moving toward the north Atlantic.

two_atl_5d0 (1)

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The origins of tropical systems varies with each month of hurricane season. For September, the common origin areas are the Gulf of Mexico, western Atlantic (Gulf Stream Current) and the Caribbean.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


The development or strengthening of an area of low pressure in the atmosphere, resulting in the formation of a cyclone.

NASA Knowledge

Scientists are using the outback of Australia to prepare for possible fossil hunting on Mars. The outback of Australia is a good place to do this because the landscape resembles that of Mars’ quite a bit. This is one of the most remote and arid regions on earth. Plus, the oldest known fossils on earth are located here. Since any proof of past life on Mars is expected to be microscopic, identifying common signposts for where to look for those fossils will be crucial for hunting for signs of past life on Mars.

Some missions could come as early as next summer for sending robotics to Mars to search for past life.



Severe weather will be possible today across portions of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All modes of severe weather will be possible.

Frost advisories have been issued for parts of northern Maine for Tuesday morning! Yes, frost!


You all have a great day!


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