Heat and a hurricane


Weather Headlines

–Hot and dry weather will prevail again this week

–Tracking Hurricane Humberto

Main threats

Just be safe in the heat this afternoon.


If you like your Septembers hot and dry you must be in Heaven. This pattern just doesn’t look to break anytime soon. The only good news is that a frontal boundary will drop us to the mid 80s for tomorrow through Thursday. Then, another frontal boundary will drop us to near 80 degrees for a high on Friday. Unfortunately for our parched ground, both fronts look bone dry. All of this weeks temps are above our normal of 78 degrees.

There are indications from our short-term models that you folks up around Livingston to Jamestown and points north could see a stray storm this evening. Just keep that in the back of your mind. That storm chance is 20%.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was hot on this day in 1927, too. The city of Nashville fell just two degrees shy of hitting 100 degrees for a high.

You all need something to read to cool ya off?

On this day in 1881 the state of Iowa measured their earliest snowfall on record! Four to six inches of snow coated the western sections of the state. That’d sure cool us off, right? (ha)

Incidentally, temps across western Iowa this afternoon are expected to flirt with the 90-degree mark. What a difference 138 years makes. (Ha)


We have Hurricane Humberto out in the Atlantic, spinning away from the US mainland. Maximum sustained winds are at 85 mph. Humberto is expected to grow stronger today, with maximum sustained winds reaching 110 mph within the next 72 hours.


We still have a disturbance to watch as it moves toward Texas, though nothing much is expected from this. Another tropical storm/hurricane will be developing behind Humberto, but it looks like that system will curve out to sea like Humberto.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, especially in desert regions. These winds often carry sand and dust and can look quite impressive on the horizon as they move in.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Haboobs most often result from a thunderstorm’s outflow boundary, that cool rush of wind you feel before a t-storm. They can also result from a thunderstorm collapsing, which sends downburst winds spreading along the ground. These winds can pick up phenomenal amounts of sand and dust in dry regions, creating a disastrous situation for drivers and those caught outside. Haboobs are well-known for turning day to night.

The word haboob is from the Arabic word habb, meaning “wind.”

NASA Knowledge

At NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, astronauts are in the early stages of learning to live and work on the Moon. They use the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, where they use aquatics to practice living in the Moon’s environment. Learning to pick up things, construct things, etc can be challenging in an environment with 1/6th the gravity of Earth. Thankfully, that’s enough gravity to keep you on the Moon’s surface, and not let you float away (no matter how high you jump. ha).



Extreme heat and very gusty winds will create dangerous fire conditions today for Nevada and Utah.

Meanwhile, dangerous surf conditions, along with an enhanced rip current risk, will be found along the Southeast Coast, thanks to Hurricane Humberto.

You all have a great day!

Don’t forget the Mayland Senior Center fundraiser on Saturday! The weather is looking great for that! The Center survives on donations and this fundraiser really helps those folks out.




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