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Tropics about to rage, while our weather sleeps

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Weather Headlines

–Cool mornings and warm afternoons continue

–No appreciable rain in sight

–Watching the tropics

Main threats

Just be careful if you’re burning anything outdoors. The fire danger is getting higher with each passing day. Burn permits will be required starting on Sept. 23.


The dry stretch of weather continues. Hopefully, we can get some better rain chances in here soon, but I’m not seeing anything of any substance for the next 10 days (at least). The only hope we might have for widespread rain would be a tropical system.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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The hurricane that hit Miami on the 18th had made its way to Pensacola by today. The unrelenting, powerful hurricane lashed Pensacola with wind gusts to 152 mph. Winds raged in excess of 100 mph for four hours, while winds of 75 mph or more raged for 20 hours.


The tropics remain very active and they’re liable to become even more active in the coming days.

The Houston area has been dealing with horrific flooding from Imelda and that continues today.

It continues to look like Jerry will curve out to sea, away from the US. He could be a concern for Bermuda, though.


All the other systems will need to be monitored closely. If you have plans to the Caribbean within the next week you need to watch the forecast closely.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A current of air that flows upward.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Typical updraft speeds for a general thunderstorm usually range between 15-30 mph. The most severe thunderstorms may contain updrafts that can travel as fast as 60 to 100 mph! You can actually judge the updraft speed by the size of the hail that falls from the storm.

NASA Knowledge

The spacecraft for Artemis 1 is headed to Ohio, where a team of engineers and technicians at Plum Brook Station are ready to test it out for space! The craft will be tested for endurance in extreme temperatures, with temps as low as 300 degrees below zero. They’ll also test the electronics and how well they perform alone and with the other electronics, even with the effects of electromagnetic fields.



Severe thunderstorms will be possible today across the Dakotas. A few tornadoes may even spin up.

That same cold front will lead to snowfall for western Wyoming for today and tomorrow. Up to seven inches of snow may fall in those mountains.

You all have a great day and don’t forget my fundraiser tomorrow! I’ll be busy as a bee today getting everything ready!


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