A beautiful day for a fundraiser!

Forecast_Template (64)

Weather Headlines

–Warm afternoons and cool nights continue

–Dry and getting drier

–Very slight chance for a storm on Monday

–Watching the tropics

Main threats

No major threats


Just look for this pleasant weather to continue. It gets a bit warm in the afternoons, but the mornings sure are nice and cool. This trend will continue for the next week to ten days, with only a slight chance for a storm on Monday.

This dry stretch of weather is setting us up for one of the driest Septembers on record.


Forecast_Template (65)

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

Forecast_Template (63)


Crossville’s lowest September temperature reading was recorded on this day in 1956. We dipped all they way to 33 degrees for a morning low!


The tropics are active but there are no immediate threats to the US. It continues to look like Jerry will curve out to sea, away from the US. Another storm, possibly two, will be named over the next few days. That’s the orange and red-shaded areas you see. We have plenty of time to watch both.



There will be the risk for severe storms from Minnesota to Kansas today. This is from the “cold” front that will move through here on Monday. It will be significantly weaker by then, though.

You all have a great day and be sure and join us at the Mayland Senior Center if you can! We’d love to see ya! I’ll have Meteorologist Mark bumper sticker magnets while supplies last!


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