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Sunday Story: Is There Life Out There?

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Our forecast changes little over the coming days. We have a slight chance for a storm tomorrow and again on Thursday. Most of us will stay bone dry for the next seven days. It’s getting dry, and it’s going to get drier.

A lot of folks have asked me if the tropics could bring us any rain. Well, the tropics are active, for sure, but it seems everything wants to curve out to sea. We have Tropical Storm Karen, as of this morning, who looks to just follow Tropical Storm Jerry. We’ll soon have Tropical Storm Lorenzo off the Africa coast.


I want to say how very proud I am of our community! We raised nearly $800 at the Mayland Senior Center fundraiser yesterday! How awesome is that? Everyone seemed to have a really good time, listening to some good music, enjoying some good food, and enjoying some good fellowship. It was a good, good day.

And now, for your Sunday Story!

Is There Life Out There?

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has discovered water vapor within another planetary body’s atmosphere. This planetary body is similar to earth in its location from its sun, in what NASA deems a “habitable” zone. This is the first such discovery since NASA began exploring the universe over 50 years ago. 

Don’t make any travel plans just yet, though, as this planetary body is about 110 light years away! 

The discovery of water on other planetary bodies is nothing new. Water has already been discovered on both the moon and Mars. We also know there are other water sources in space. Finding water along or underneath the surface is an exciting discovery, but finding water vapor in an atmosphere raises the question of life support systems on that body. 

We also know other planets have weather. Jupiter, for instance, has a storm as large as earth on it and has for hundreds of years. The storm is like a hurricane on earth. Instead of water, however, this Jupiter hurricane is spewing toxic gasses. You may be more familiar with its common name the Great Red Spot. 

While visiting Kennedy Space Center with other space enthusiasts this past summer, we had the chance to speak to an astronaut who had been to the International Space Station. The question was asked, “Do you think there’s life out there?” “No,” he said, “When you look out into that ink-black darkness you know it’s just us.” 

I’ve heard others disagree and I suppose that’s an argument that will be made until life is found, whether it be microscopic or intelligent. 

It’s interesting to read astronauts’ accounts of traveling to space and looking back at earth from that viewpoint. One remarked, “We traveled thousands of miles into space, only to look back and discover how precious our earth is.” 

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