More dry days but pleasant temps


Weather Headlines

–Dry weather continues, with pleasant temps

–Watching the tropics

Main threats

No major threats in sight. Just be careful if you must burn something outdoors. Make sure you get a burning permit, as they are now required.


Dry days continue. We may get a stray shower late Wednesday night or Thursday, but that will be quite similar to what we saw yesterday. Most of us won’t see anything.

It looks like the heat will be returning in earnest this weekend, with record highs once again possible for several days, beginning on Friday.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



On this day in 1972 a lightning strike hit a man near Waldport, Oregon. Lightning is not all that common in this part of the country. To make matters even more unusual, the man was carrying 35 sticks of dynamite.


We have three tropical storms in the Atlantic right now. The closest storm is Jerry. He will be moving out to sea, but not before he brushes the island of Bermuda. Next, we have Karen. She’s hitting Puerto Rico today and is one to watch. Models show her pulling west by this weekend. How far west she travels is up in the air right now. Then we have Lorenzo, who is way out in the Atlantic. It looks like he will pull north. As he does so, he should become a major hurricane. He’ll be one of those who looks beautiful on satellite, as he spins harmlessly out to sea.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Heat Lightning

Heat lightning is lightning that occurs too far away for one to be able to hear the associated thunder. This tends to happen most often on hot summer nights, thus the term.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

I’ve been corrected many times by professors who don’t like the term “heat lightning.” I asked one why he thought that was such a bad term and he said because people will think the lightning is produced by the hot summer night. He said people think the heat of the night produces lightning flashes. I’ve never thought that and I’ve never found anyone else who did (If you do it will be our secret. ha).

The distant lightning you see always comes from thunderstorms. Light travels faster than sound, and that’s why sometimes you can see the light of things but you can’t hear the sound.

My grandpa pointed out some distant lightning to me one summer evening and it was beautiful. He told me that I was seeing heat lightning. It sure was, grandpa.

NASA Knowledge

Breathing may become a little bit easier for millions of people around the world, thanks to asthma research being conducted on the International Space Station. The research has been ongoing for about 10 years and is yielding some positive results!

Using an apparatus that measures nitric oxide, astronauts have been participating in a series of experiments. In patients with asthma, the lungs add nitric oxide to their exhalations. This is the result of inflammation in the lungs. Understanding this inflammation’s behavior is key to controlling asthma and other respiratory disorders of this nature.

Astronauts need to know how their lungs will react to Mars when we get there. The low-gravity environment leaves dust in the air and that could really aggravate an astronaut’s breathing. While studying those affects, astronauts have developed tools that will help folks with asthma. Such is the way with NASA….as we try to get to other places, the technology and knowledge gathered along the way helps us all!

Pictured below is Astronaut Alexander Gerst, as he exhales into an ultra-sensitive gas analyzer for the Airway Monitoring experiment.



Severe weather can be found from Kansas to Wisconsin today, with all modes of severe weather possible. Some of this severe weather could become quite substantial.


I hope you all were able to enjoy that beautiful sky this morning. It sure was something! I snapped these pics as I headed out for work.

You all have a great day!


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