Dry weather continues, along with a return to summer by the weekend


Weather Headlines

–A slight chance for a shower tonight and tomorrow morning

–Dry weather continues for us, with no appreciable moisture in sight

–A burn ban remains in effect

–Watching Tropical Storm Karen and any impact she may have on the US

Main threats

No significant threats in sight.


Our dry weather continues. Yes, we have a chance for a shower tonight and tomorrow morning, but that will do very little to nothing to alleviate this dry spell. It will be much like what we saw Monday.

Then, the heat gets cranking again this weekend. Do you miss summer? Well, it missed you too.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



The Fall severe weather season is upon us and that was very evident on this day in 1977. An F-0 tornado cut a 3-mile path across Cumberland County. The twister struck the Homestead and Dorton communities. No one was hurt.

According to official storm data from the National Weather Service, “This tornado traveled through the Dorton area, ripping trees from the ground and tearing away roofing and walls of several buildings. It touched down briefly in the Byrds Creek area, uprooting 75 large trees at the Rowell’s apple orchard and damaging a motel. After leaving the Rowell property, it crossed Highway 70 uprooting more trees and ripping sections of a roof and tearing the back side from one of the large stone cutting buildings… Although officially rated F0, the description of damage suggests an F1 rating is more appropriate.”

On the map below, the path of the tornado is outlined in red.



Tropical Storm Jerry has morphed into what we call a post-tropical cyclone. That means he still has the winds of a tropical storm, but he lacks the technical definition of a tropical storm. Basically, the storm lacks any strong thunderstorm activity. Remember, I showed you all the satellite view of him a few days ago, showing the center of circulation separating from the strongest thunderstorm activity. That process has continued. If the center of Jerry came over your community right now the sky would be partly cloudy but you would have winds of 45 mph, with some higher gusts. The thunderstorms that were removed from the center don’t even exist anymore.

Still, it’s not a bad sight on satellite, right? Notice the tiny island of Bermuda just to Jerry’s east.


Tropical Storm Karen is the one we need to watch. There continue to be indications that the storm will turn westward. How far west she tracks will determine the impacts to the US.


Then, we have Hurricane Lorenzo. he is far out in the Atlantic and will remain so. So, while he will become a major hurricane, he is no worry to any landmass. He’s just one to watch on satellite, and he will likely make quite the appearance there!


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A word added on to the name of a cloud if the cloud is producing precipitation. For instance, if a cumulus cloud begins producing precipitation it will then become a cumulonimbus cloud. If a stratus cloud begins producing precipitation it will become a nimbostratus.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The National Weather Service has updated their cloud chart! It also includes explanations of fronts, etc. You can now download it at https://www.weather.gov/jetstream/downloads.

I highly encourage you teachers and parents to show this to your kids.


NASA Knowledge

It was announced yesterday that NASA plans to build a space-based telescope to identify and track near-Earth objects that could pose a potential threat to the planet. The telescope is expected to be launched into space by 2025 and will be able to detect 140-meter wide near-Earth asteroids with 65% accuracy. The telescope is expected to be operational by 2030. Let’s just hope we don’t need it within the next 11 years! (ha)


While there aren’t any big threats of severe weather across the US today, there is a threat for lots of snow! Yes, it’s true. Parts of western Montana are under a winter storm watch. The statement from the National Weather Service reads,

“Blizzard conditions possible. Total snow accumulations of 18 to 36 inches, with locally higher amounts in the mountains. Record or near-record cold temperatures in the teens and 20s with wind chills zero to 15 above zero. North to northeast winds 15 to 30 mph with gusts as high as 40 mph….Extreme impacts possible, including to power infrastructure including power lines resulting in widespread power outages, agricultural interests; outdoor recreational interests including camping and hunting activities; and travel. Widespread significant tree damage is possible with heavy wet snow and strong winds impacting trees with foliage.”

They go on to say…

“This early-season winter storm and/or blizzard has the potential to set a new benchmark for snow accumulations, cold temperatures, and resulting impacts for
parts of the Northern Rockies and the Rocky Mountain Front. A similar storm in 1934 produced prolific amounts of snow in late September over north-central Montana. An extension and/or expansion of Winter Storm Watches are likely.”

Doesn’t that just make ya wish for snow? haha You may seriously envy them this weekend when we’re near 90 degrees!

Below is a map of the winter storm watch.


How much you wanna bet we go straight from summer to winter around here? Especially if our first big cold front is blowing in air that crosses snow-covered ground. Brrrr

In other news….

Yesterday was a great day for the 4th grade tours of downtown Crossville! My alma mater, North Cumberland, was the school getting the tour yesterday. And yes, we always stop by the mayor’s office. 🙂


You all have a great day!


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