Some rain relief is on the way

Forecast_Template (72)

Weather Headlines

–Rain is in the forecast! Though drought conditions will continue.

–Even cooler weather coming behind Monday’s cold front

–Low temps in the 40s expected next week

–Still no frost in sight

–Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night

Main threats

No significant threats in sight. Just be careful on roadways when we do get some rain, as oil has accumulated and could make roads very slick when the rain starts.


We have a beautiful Saturday in store for us! I can’t rule out a very isolated afternoon storm, but it’s nothing to cancel any plans over.

We finally have increasing rain chances coming tomorrow and especially Sunday night and Monday morning. All of us should see some rain. I think we’ll all see at least half an inch, with some of you picking up an inch.

Then, the skies clear out and a very fall-like airmass settles in!

Another cold front moves in for Friday, bringing another chance for showers.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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The remnants of Hurricane Opal made their way across the plateau on this day in 1995. Opal rapidly intensified in the Gulf, becoming a very powerful cat 4. Opal just barely fell short of cat 5 status. The storm increased its speed and rapidly intensified, two things coastal residents always fear most with tropical systems.

This prompted a rapid response of coastal residents. Reverse 911 was used to tell coastal residents in and near Destin, FL to pack up and leave immediately. I think that was the first time reverse 911 was used for such a purpose. For those of you who don’t know, reverse 911 is when dispatch calls you, rather than you calling them. It’s often a recorded message. That call came in the very early morning hours.

Thankfully, the storm weakened to a cat 3 before making landfall. Still, the storm did so much damage to coastal areas. It took many years for places to recover. Some businesses never did.

The storm then continued racing northward, with the center of the storm passing right over Crossville. The storm dropped nearly eight inches of rain across the plateau, which caused widespread flooding. Gusty winds downed trees and powerlines. Schools were closed.

Opal is the closest I’ve ever seen the plateau come to experiencing true tropical storm conditions. In fact, tropical storm warnings were issued as far north as Chattanooga!


There will likely be another named storm soon but it is way out in the Atlantic. It will probably just be one to admire on satellite. The area of concern is that orange-shaded region.

two_atl_5d0 (1)

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


Shorthand abbreviation for the word weather.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The abbreviation for weather (wx) comes from the days of Morse code. It took a while to tap out all the letters of words, so any abbreviating that could be done was very helpful.

And you thought abbreviating words was something text messaging invented…….

NASA Knowledge

NASA reminds everyone that tonight is International Observe the Moon night! Go out and look up! I think our skies will cooperate, though there will likely be some clouds to contend with. I think having some clouds makes it even more beautiful.

I’m tellin’ ya, that Crescent moon has been incredible to see in the evening sky lately. Now, the moon is in the first quarter and will likely look even more impressive. Go out in the evening and look westward. The sun sets at 11:51 p.m.

I’ll send out a reminder later this evening for you to go out and look up!


Most of the Northeast had their first widespread frost/freeze last night. This brings an end to their growing season.

Wind advisories cover nearly all of South Dakota today, as well as various other areas of the northern plains. North winds could gust to 45 mph. That’s the winds blowing Sunday night’s cold front our way!

That same cold front is creating a chance for strong to severe storms across parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri today. It doesn’t look like anything too serious, but it’s something for them to keep an eye on. Those storms will weaken before reaching our area.

If you’re looking for something to do the Allardt Pumpkin Festival is today. They’ll be weighting those enormous pumpkins to see who has the biggest. Last year’s pumpkin weight over 1,200 pounds!

If you’re over there be sure and stop by booth 26-27 and get you some delicious CindyJos BBQ! They help sponsor my Mayland Senior Center fundraiser and their pork is delicious! Stop by and get ya a plate! Tell them Meteorologist Mark sent ya!

2019 pumkin Festival masthead

2019 entertainment

You all have a great Saturday!


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