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Frost, moons, and halos


Weather Headlines

–Drought conditions continue

–A stronger cold arrives arrives Saturday

–scattered frost possible Sunday and Monday mornings

Main threats

No significant threats in the forecast period. Just be aware that we could see some frost Sunday and Monday mornings.


Well, the good news is that we got some rain, and it was a good soaking rain. The bad news is that there was little of it. I think it’s safe to say most of us got about a quarter to half an inch. I had 0.48 at home, while here in town we picked up 0.22. Parts of western and middle TN picked up several inches.

So, the drought certainly continues and there’s no appreciable rainfall in sight.

Another cold front will blow through here Saturday and it’s a strong one. Right now the weather service has us in the lower 40s for overnight lows, but they nearly always overdo temps for us behind these fronts. I could easily see many of us dipping into the mid to upper 30s here on the plateau, with some scattered frost Sunday and Monday mornings. I’ll keep an eye on that. It certainly doesn’t look like a freeze, but a frost is definitely possible (esp for you folks in the colder spots).

Our rain chances with this front are low, but we’ll take every drop we can squeeze out.

That cooler, fall-like weather should stick with us through the first half of next week, followed by a warming trend.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was on this day in 1901 that the city of Galveston was deluged with 12 inches of rain in only six hours. The flood came just 13 months and one day after the Galveston Hurricane disaster. That disaster remains our nation’s deadliest natural disaster of all time.


There are a few areas to watch, but none are a direct threat to the US. This is a typical pattern for October in the Atlantic basin. There are often a lot of areas to watch, with little to nothing ever coming from them.

two_atl_5d0 (1)

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

22-Degree Halo

An optical phenomenon that results from ice crystals refracting sunlight. The halo forms 22 degrees away from the sun or moon and is formed by hexagonal ice crystals with diameters less than 20.5 micrometers. The refracted light forms a halo 22 degrees away from either the sun or moon.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Weather folklore says that a halo around the sun or moon forecasts changing weather that may bring rain or snow. There’s actually a lot of validity to this folklore. Atmosphere increases in the upper levels of the atmosphere ahead of storm systems. That upper-level moisture is in the form of ice crystals that the sun and moon must shine through in the days before a storm system. Their light shining through the crystals forms that halo, which indicates changes are coming.

NASA Knowledge

A team has discovered 20 new moon orbiting Saturn. This brings the grand total to 82. Now, we can say Saturn has more moons than Jupiter, which has only 79.

The new moons were discovered using the Subaru telescope in Maunakea, Hawaii. Each of the moons are about three miles in diameter. Seventeen of them orbit the planet “backwards”, meaning they rotate the planet opposite the direction the planet is spinning.

Can you imagine having to keep up with 82 moons? haha



The big weather news today is the big winter storm about to hit the northern plains. Numerous winter storm warnings and watches have been issued. Winds to 40+ mph and up to a foot or more of snow is expected to fall. More advisories are liable to be issued east of this area as time goes along.

Keep in mind that our north breezes on Sunday will be blowing off this snowpack. That could put a bite in the air!


You all have a great day!



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