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A meteor shower and I need your help

First of all, we have a meteor shower that should become visible as soon as the sun sets. That sun sets at about 6:15 these days. The moon will certainly hinder some of that viewing, but it should still be worth going out and looking up.

Speaking of sunsets, we have a very nice one this evening. We often due on days like this, when clouds are still moving out up to sunset time.

Most of the time, this meteor shower is pretty tame, producing a few meteors an hour. However, there have been years where bursts of hundreds of meteors have been seen over the course of an hour! That’s rare, but you never know when that might happen again.

Now for the help part….

I posted this on Facebook earlier but I’ll share it here, as well!

I’m at a loss for what to name my science classes for kids. They deal with weather and space and they’re taught by Meteorologist Mark. They’re basically STEM classes. A cool acronym would work, too.

The name should be simple, catchy, and clear. I need this name primarily for the blog I’m creating for the classes, so keep in mind WordPress does not like symbols in the name (ie. &).

Have something in mind? Email me at! ONLY emailed submissions, please.The one who comes up with the name I choose gets a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or Walmart (your choice). I’ll take submissions until Friday (October 10).

You all have a great evening!


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