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Cool and getting cooler


Weather Headlines

–Another strong cold front arrives Friday night/Saturday

–The first frost of the season looks likely for Sunday morning

Main threats

No significant threats to mention.


Look for cooler temperatures to be with us for many more days to come. A reinforcing shot of cold air arrives Friday night and Saturday, leading to scattered frost by Sunday morning. That front, unfortunately, carries very little moisture with it, so showers will be light in nature.

After that cool snap we should start to warm back up again, but I don’t foresee anything incredibly too hot coming.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Crossville had a record high of 83 degrees on this day in 1980. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of breaking record highs and this one can gladly stay unbroken!

New York City was deluged with 11.17 inches of rain on this day in 1903. That fell within 24 hours!


The tropics are pretty quiet. We have some areas to watch but they are not a direct threat to the US. The only real danger is an increased risk of rip currents for some parts of the East Coast.


Still, it’s kinda cool to watch those two disturbances spin off the East Coast.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Solar Wind

A stream of plasma and particles from the sun out into space. The wind is constant, but its properties are not. The solar wind is the result of the sun’s inability to hold onto these particles as they are jetted outward in the two million degree heat of the sun’s outer layer. The sun’s gravity can’t hold on to the particles.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Earth’s magnetic shield protects us from the radiation within the solar wind. Without the magnetic shield, we wouldn’t exist. Whenever big burst of radiation come at us, that radiation is directed toward the Earth’s poles and lights up with a magnificent display of northern and southern lights.


NASA Knowledge

A new satellite launches today that will study the dynamic zone between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. There is still so much we don’t know about that transition zone. For those of you in my rocket classes last week, we talked briefly about that zone!


The fire danger is very high today across northern California. The infamous Santa Anna winds are beginning to blow, ushering in another fire season. In the past, some fires have been linked to powerlines that sparked fires. In an effort to keep that from happening again (there were many lawsuits involved, especially concerning poor maintenance of the lines), the power company’s are cutting off the lights for about 800,000 homes. They say the power outage could last several days. To say residents are angry is an understatement.


Meanwhile, a massive winter storm is developing across the northern plains. Several inches of snow and fierce north winds are expected. Winter’s arrival was quick and harsh for those folks!

On the map below, the pink is winter storm warnings, while the darker blue is winter storm watches. That light blue you see from eastern Nebraska down to the Texas Panhandle represents freeze watches. Those freeze watches will be spreading eastward and frost advisories will become more numerous, as well.


You all have a great day!



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