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More weather changes coming


Weather Headlines

–Strong cold arrives Friday night

–First frost of the season coming Sunday morning

–Drought conditions continue to worsen, as rain deficits grow

Main threats

No significant threats, though be aware that scattered frost is likely Sunday morning.


Look for another pleasant day across the plateau. Clouds will begin to increase tomorrow, as another system moves in.

That system will carry a strong cold front with it. That front will usher in some very chilly air for Saturday and Saturday night. By Sunday morning, many of us will be in the mid 30s, with scattered frost.

By Saturday afternoon, the sun should return. That sun should stay with us through Monday, before another slight chance for showers comes Tuesday.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



The city of Nashville hit 90 degrees on this day in 1980. This is the latest date that the city has ever hit the 90-degree mark.

The famous “snow hurricane” hit New England on this day in 1804. The hurricane moved inland and drew in some very cold air on it’s west side. This turned the rain to snow, with three feet of snow reported on the crest of the Green Mountains. Many locations across New England picked up at least a foot of snow.


Things are pretty quite in the tropics. We still have two disturbances off the East Coast, but they are spinning out to sea and appear to be weakening.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Santa Ana Winds

Strong, dry down-sloping winds that originate across inland portions of California and blow toward the coastal regions. They originate from cool, dry high pressure air masses across the Great Basin. These winds are most common in autumn and winter.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Winds much reach speeds of 28 mph or more before the National Weather Service will classify them as Santa Ana winds. These winds can, however, easily exceed 40 mph.

The winds are made worse when they try to blow through canyons/passes. These narrow passages funnel the winds and can increase their speeds dramatically.


The greatest danger from Santa Ana winds is fire. Any flame that can ignite under these conditions can rapidly worsen, creating life-threatening conditions.

NASA Knowledge

Today is the birthday of the first Italian in space, Dr. Franco Malerba. He was among the crew of the Atlantis Space Shuttle in 1992. Happy birthday, Dr. Franco!



You can tell the seasons are changing! Severe weather can be found across eastern Oklahoma and southwest Missouri today, while snow flakes are flying across the northern plains. Severe storms on the warm side of the cold front (image on left), and snow on the cold side (image on right). Picture3

You all have a great day!



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