The latest drought update for this week

The national drought map has now updated and things continue to look very dry for most of the plateau. The good news is that some rainfall has led to improved conditions for much of Fentress and Overton Counties. Southern portions of those counties remain in drought, however.

Those of us along and south of I-40 are the driest, with a portion of Cumberland County in severe drought. That area nearly parallels Interstate 40 across the county.

Another area of severe drought parallels Highway 27 from near Grand View to Chattanooga. You can see another area of severe drought from near Cookeville, stretching southwest across northwestern White County and into central Dekalb county.

A wet spring and summer leads to lush vegetation. When that is followed by very dry conditions, it can lead to a much higher wildfire threat. Let’s just hope this pattern changes sooner than later!


The extended outlooks look dry right on through November 1.


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