Strongest cold front of the season coming!


Weather Headlines

–The first frost of the season is coming for Sunday morning.

–More chances for frost coming next week

–Rain chances remain low and amounts will be light over the next 7 days

–Drought conditions to worsen

Main threats

No significant threats. Just remember the first frost is coming Sunday morning, followed by more frost chances next week.

Drought conditions continue to worsen.


The strongest cold front of the season is on its way! That front will arrive late tonight. Showers will accompany the front but they will be scattered and light. A far cry from what we need to end our drought.

Then, colder air filters in tomorrow, leading us to our first scattered frost of the season by Sunday morning. Not all of us will see frost, but many of us will.

Then, the weather looks nice for several days. The next front will arrive Tuesday, bringing another shot of cold weather that will likely lead to more chances for frost.

Aren’t you glad I’m talking about frost and not record highs?

I did notice yesterday that those fickle long-range outlooks have backed off on the heat for the rest of the month. They also don’t have us as dry as they did earlier, but widespread rain chances still look bleak.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was a very warm day on this day in 1989. Many US cities broke record highs, as temps climbed into the 80s and 90s throughout the central US. Even Grand Island, Nebraska hit 90 degrees! (FYI, Grand Island is 43 deg for a high today). Waco, Texas hit 97 degrees.

Meanwhile, a very strong cold front was moving south through the northern plains, bringing wind gusts to 80 mph.


There’s an area of low pressure ~200 miles off the coast of New England that continues to be monitored. It’s now looking more likely that this will become a named storm, as it pulls away from the US. It looks nice on satellite this morning!


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A seasonal prevailing wind. A monsoon is a seasonal wind shift over an area that brings a change in the weather.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Many people often misspeak when it’s raining really hard and they say, “It’s coming a monsoon!” That’s not a monsoon at all, though we often think of rain when we think of a monsoon. That is because the most common one of all is the Indian monsoon that results from a wind shift that brings moisture inland from the Indian Ocean.

The Desert Southwest of the US also has a moist monsoon that occurs from July to September. This is when the desert gets most of its annual rainfall.

Monsoons can be dry wind patterns, too, though we hear much less about them.

NASA Knowledge

After years of delays, NASA has finally launched the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON)! Whew, that’s a mouthful! Basically, this mission will study the ionosphere portion of our atmosphere.

The launch of this thing was a bit unusual. The rocket carrying it was released in midair from a carrier plane (Stargazer L-1011). The aircraft had taken off about an hour earlier from Cape Canaveral.


This mission, by studying the ionosphere (seen below), will help us better understand the interaction between space weather and Earth’s weather. The mission has been delayed multiple times over the past few years. We are so thankful that it is finally underway!



Water restrictions are now being issued for Pikeville, as we continue to see drought conditions develop across much of the plateau. Residents are asked to not wash cars or water their lawns. The water table has dropped to 84 feet, which is the threshold for enacting the beginning stages of their drought plan that was adopted after the 2007 drought.

In other news….

Denver, Colorado woke up to a low temperature of nine degrees this morning. This shatters their record low of 22 degrees set on this day in 1946. The city was 80 degrees on Wednesday. This marks the biggest temperature drop ever recorded for the city in the month of October. They also have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

The autumn of extremes continues. Montana had the worst winter storm on record for the month of September. The Dakotas have now had the worst winter storm on record for October. And now Colorado is experiencing the greatest temperature drop for the month of October.

Locally, we went from having our wettest September on record in TN in 2018, to having the driest September on record just one year later.

Makes ya wonder what we’re in for this winter, right?

On a more peaceful note…..

Did you all catch that sunrise this morning? Wow…. TN has the best sunrises.


You all have a great day!

meteorologist-mark-sticker2 (2)

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