The season’s first frost tonight

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Weather Headlines

–The season’s first frost is expected tonight

–More frost chances coming next week (perhaps a light freeze Wednesday night?)

–Drought conditions continue to worsen for our area

Main threats

No significant threats. However, prepare any outdoor sensitive plants for frost tonight.


Well, the cold front has passed through. Can you tell a difference? (ha) It is a very chilly morning on the plateau and temps will do little to recover today. The clearing line is between us and Nashville at this 8:00 a.m. hour. Hopefully, that means we’ll see sunshine by this afternoon. Let’s just hope the clouds don’t get hung up on the plateau, like they love to do so often!

Tonight, high pressure builds in. That means we’ll have clear skies and light winds. That sets the stage for our first frost! I expect many of the fields and rooftops across the county to be white in the morning.

Sunday and Monday are both looking very nice! Be sure and get outside.

Another front swings in here for Tuesday and Wednesday. This front, like today’s and the last one we got, will offer little in the way of rainfall. (FYI, I got two one hundredths of an inch here in Rinnie from last night’s front). The front will, however, bring in another shot of cool air. I’ll have to keep an eye on that because Wednesday night lows may dip to around 30-32 degrees. That would mean a light freeze. I’ll keep an eye on it.

More pleasant weather builds into are area behind that front.

Most NWS offices issue frost advisories for the day before a frost is to occur that night. Nashville hardly ever does that for us (for some reason), so don’t be surprised if we don’t get a frost advisory, or they wait till Sunday morning to issue it. Maybe they’ll surprise me this time and issue one before we actually have some frost (ha).

The NWS Morristown covers all the counties to our east. They issue frost advisories well before the morning that frost occurs. I’ll let you know if they issue advisories for Morgan, Scott, or Roane Counties for frost for Sunday morning.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



While our tornado season in Tennessee is roughest in March, April, and May, we can have tornadoes any month of the year. In fact, on this day in 1811 the first tornado ever recorded in Middle Tennessee occurred! The twister struck Nashville at 8:00 in the evening, causing about $10,000 worth of damage (A lot of money in 1811!).


The tropics are fairly quiet. We still have Melissa, well off the New England coast, and she is pulling away from the US. There are two other areas of minor concern (yellow-shaded regions) and neither are any threat to the US.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


Space devoid of matter. It comes from the Latin word “vacuus”, which means void.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Some people will ask, “Why doesn’t the vacuum of space suck our atmosphere away?” Well, vacuums don’t actually “suck air.” That’s a misnomer that we get from vacuum cleaners.

Vacuums simply create an empty space. Air pressure is what forces the air into the vacuum.

If we take a box and pump all of the air out of it we create a vacuum inside that box (empty space). If we poke a hole in that box, air will rush in to fill that void, due to Earth’s air pressure forcing the air to do so.

NASA Knowledge

The first person to ever perform a spacewalk has passed away. Alexei Leonov was 85 years old. The Russian Cosmonaut made history in 1965, when he stepped outside his spacecraft and floated around, attached by a tether. The rendezvous lasted 12 minutes.

The mission nearly ended in disaster when his spacesuit inflated in the vacuum of space, making it nearly impossible for him to fit back into the spacecraft. With only moments to spare before his oxygen ran out, Leonov figured out a way to reduce the pressure in his suit enough for him to get back into the spacecraft.

“You just can’t comprehend it,” Leonov would later say about the mission. “Only out there can you feel the greatness–the huge size of all that surrounds us.”

Leonov was an accomplished author, writer and painter. Some of his paintings even became postage stamps in the USSR.

Godspeed on your final flight, Leonov!



The big weather news for today is the blizzard for North Dakota. This system has just been punishing for those folks. They’ll have another day of fierce north winds and blowing snow. The entire northern plains region has just been beat to death by this storm system. I’m not sure I have ever seen winter move in on someone as fast and fiercely as this one has! Many of the trees still had green leaves when this moved in!

There’s also Melissa off the New England coast. While she is well out at sea, she is a large system and has caused lots of coastal flooding for New England.

Finally, this is not weather related but it’s a chance for you to do something nice. I posted this on Facebook but I’ll post it here, too.

My sweet Granny Jane is back at Uplands in rehab and she could really use some cards to read. She broke her leg back in January and has had a really, really tough year, filled with struggles and pain. She suffered a setback in her recovery, when blood clots developed in her leg a couple of weeks ago. One thing after another has led her back to rehab at Uplands. The picture below was taken the last time she was there, earlier this year.

Just send a card. It doesn’t even have to say much. That would just really make her day and lift her spirits. Granny turns 86 next month and Pa turns 89 on January 3. They both believe in the power of prayer, so they sure would love it if you would send one or two up for them. Here’s the address to send that card: Elza Jane Baldwin, c/o Uplands Village, P.O. Box 168, Pleasant Hill, TN. 38578. Thank you!

Also, if any of you would like me to send a card to someone please let me know! I wouldn’t care a bit too! And who on earth wouldn’t want a card from Meteorologist Mark?!? lol Heck, sometimes I’m tempted to send myself one. Yeah, they’re that good. LOL Just email me an address (

You all the best day!


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