A busy day for Meteorologist Mark!

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Weather Headlines

–Frost expected again Friday morning

–A tropical system could bring light showers to our area for Saturday evening/night (mainly east and south of Crossville)

–Strong storms possible Monday with a strong cold front

Main threats

Prepare for another frosty night, with widespread frost expected Friday morning

Strong to possibly severe storms are possible Monday (monitoring)


It’s a busy day for Meteorologist Mark! First of all, Shane and I will be over in Jackson, TN, working on weatherTAP weather display units that we have at rest areas along I-40 there. Then, I’ll be driving up to Martin to speak to the meteorology club at UT Martin about my career in meteorology. It’s a busy but fun day!

As for the forecast, look for another frosty morning for our Friday. The calm, clear nights that help create that frost sure do make for some beautiful afternoons though.

By this weekend, we’ll be watching a system in the Gulf. Depending on that system’s exact track, we may be getting some showers in our area. The latest guidance suggest the bulk of this system will miss us. Still, I think folks east and south of Crossville have the best chance for a shower.

Sunday is looking good at this point.

Then, another strong cold front moves in for Monday. This front could bring a round of strong storms. I’ll be watching that closely. Keep in mind that the fall of the year brings a secondary peak in severe weather to our area. When that front clears out, colder air will follow.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1989, the remnants of Hurricane Jerry absolutely deluged southeast Kentucky with up to half a foot of rain in only 18-24 hours. Flooding caused more than five million dollars in damages.

On this day in 1910, the “Cuba Hurricane” struck Key West, Florida. The hurricane had made a wild loop off the coast of Cuba, before heading straight to southwest Florida.



All eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico, where Tropical Storm Nesto will likely develop today. The storm is still expected to make landfall near Mobile, Alabama. Heavy rain and dangerous surf conditions are expected along the coast there this weekend.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Chinook Wind

A downsloping wind on the lee side of the Rockies that cause a rapid rise in temperature. The name originates from the Chinook Nation of Native Americans, who lived near the coastal regions of Washington and Oregon’s coasts. The winds come from the ocean, ascend the Rockies, then descend on the other side (the lee side). That descension dries out the air and heats it up.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Chinook winds have been known to cause temperatures to rise as much as 50 degrees within a day. They can also cause very high winds, sometimes reaching speeds up to 80 mph. These winds can vaporize a foot of snow within hours. Because of this, chinook winds are often referred to as “snow eaters.”

The warm,dry winds of the chinook can cause electrical charges to accumulate on barbed wire fencing. This can give farmers quite the shock if they grab one of those wires. Weird, huh?

Chinook winds can occur throughout the world, wherever downsloping winds can occur. They just go by different names.

NASA Knowledge

The HiRISE camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recently captured images of InSight back in September. Taken just 169 miles above the Martian surface, HiRISE’s picture of InSight is the best yet. The circular panels you see in the lower right, zoomed in image are InSight’s solar panels.

The darker streaks you see are the paths of dust devils. Pretty neat, right?



The season’s first Nor’easter struck New England last night. The storm continues to bring very gusty winds and heavy rainfall to the area. This has likely taken a heavy toll on the changing foliage.

You all have a great day! If you missed this morning’s sunrise, I got ya covered!


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