Pleasant days ahead and all set for my next NASA adventure!

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Weather Headlines

–Pleasant days ahead

–Next weather-maker arrives Friday

–The weekend is looking unsettled

Main threats

Frost is likely in the morning. Protect any sensitive plants you may have outside.

Frost will once again be possible Thursday morning.


Yep, I’m all set for my next NASA adventure. I leave a week from Thursday! They sure don’t give ya much time to prepare! haha Thankfully, that’s just the way I like to travel. More info is in the NASA Knowledge section below.

We have some very pleasant days ahead of us, folks. Be sure and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

I am very happy to report that our system yesterday held together enough to give many of us at least an inch of rain. That certainly was nice to see and will make the next few days even more enjoyable, with some of the dust settled and fresher air.

Our next system arrives Friday. That system will bring another chance of rain on Friday. I think the bulk of that will come after noon, so the morning may still be in good shape. Showers should linger into at least Saturday morning.

The next system will arrive on Monday, with more rain chances.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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A guest on the top floor of a Seattle, Washington hotel was seriously injured when lightning struck and traveled through their phone cord. This was 1985. Thankfully, most people talk on cordless phones or cell phones today, greatly reducing the lightning risk. When this happened in 1985, though, the NWS reminded people that “several persons are killed each year when the electrical charge from a lightning bolt travels via telephone wiring.”


The tropics can best be summed up by…..


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Ozone Layer

A layer of the earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of about 6.2 miles that contains high levels of ozone. This ozone absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth from the sun. This is the “good” ozone that keeps us safe.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

While the ozone layer is only about the width of a piece of paper (think about that), life on earth would not be possible without it (think about that, too). We simply couldn’t survive if we were constantly bombarded with the sun’s most harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

It was recently reported that efforts to reduce ozone-damaging gasses have paid off. The ozone hole is now the smallest since it was discovered in 1982! This is proof that when we work together, rather than waste precious time questioning hard, intellectual science, we can make a difference and make the world a better, safer and healthier place to live.

Q11-3 (Test)

NASA Knowledge

I received my confirmation from NASA yesterday that I am all cleared for the NASA Social at Wallops Island on November 1-2. That means I’ll be traveling on Halloween to get there. The hotel is booked and I’m all set to go! Who are we kidding? I’d be ready in 5 minutes if NASA wanted me to go somewhere (ha). Well, I might need a few more minutes to get ready for Mars but come on. lol

I’ll be extensively covering this trip ALL right here in the blog (make sure you’re following!) and on my personal Facebook page. Be sure and follow along to get up-to-the-minute updates! I’ve never been to Wallops, and I’m so anxious to see how it differs from Cape Canaveral. This is a resupply mission for the International Space Station. It will be so cool to look up into the night sky afterwards and know that I saw the rocket that took the supplies that they now use up there. How cool is that?

I am so incredibly blessed to be favored so much by the fine folks at NASA. Only 50 people get to go to this NASA Social. So many apply and apply just to go to one NASA Social in their life. This will be my fourth! I’ve actually been accepted to five but I couldn’t make it to one of those. I am so grateful and I am SO thankful that I get to share it ALL with you! AND this will go so well with future science classes for the kids that I’m doing!

Speaking of which! Registration for the next class will begin on Monday, October 28th at 6:00 a.m. The class will hold 35 kids. There will only be one class per month from now on, as my time is just too limited to prep and teach more than that. The class will be at Roane State Community College (Crossville) at 4:30 on November 14th. The topic will be tornadoes, as November is our secondary peak in tornado activity for our region. It’s going to be a good class! And yes, I’ll even talk about storm chasing!

I’ve also been meaning to announce the winner of the naming of the class! The winner was Dr. Mark Simpson at UT Martin, who came up with MASTER a Science. The M stands for meteorology, the AST for astronomy, and the ER for earth resources. Pretty clever right? Meteorologist Marks’ MASTER a Science classes. That’s a mouthful! We better just stick with MASTER a Science class. lol


Severe weather can be found throughout eastern North Carolina today. All modes of severe weather will be possible.

You can still pick up Meteorologist Mark magnets from the fine folks at Plateau Office Supply! Stop by and pick one up today!

You all have a great day!

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