A changing forecast, with beneficial rainfall now on the way

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Weather Headlines

–Gorgeous couple of days ahead

–Rain, heavy at times, moves in Friday evening and Saturday.

–Sunday is looking good (as of now)

Main threats

Some of the rainfall Friday night and Saturday morning could be heavy, leading to some localized flooding issues.


After a very frosty morning, we’ll see an absolutely beautiful day ahead. We’ll do a repeat of today for our Thursday.

Then, the pattern changes dramatically. A system will organize to our west by Friday morning and move in during the day. The best chance of rain looks to come Friday evening and into the overnight hours. Rainfall could even be heavy at times. It’s been a while since I’ve said that!

Rain continues on Saturday, with rumbles of thunder thrown in, especially in the morning hours. This is not a Saturday for outdoor plans.

Thankfully, it looks like Sunday will be a pretty nice day, with skies clearing through the day. Hopefully, Saturday’s system will move quick enough to allow this forecast to hold true!

Another weak system may bring a shower or two for Monday, before things improve again for Tuesday.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



On this day in 1963 we were in an October heat wave. This was the fourth consecutive day that Crossville had a record high temperature. On this day, we topped out at 79 degrees.

The most violent hurricane in 30 years struck New England on this day in 1761. Thousands of trees blocked roadways across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


There is a system that will move into the southwestern portions of the Gulf of Mexico this week. Conditions will be fairly decent for some development. However, before it can become anything worrisome, a cold front will absorb it and kill any chances of significant development.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


The dissipation of a frontal zone due to weakening contrast between two air masses.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Frontolosis occurs quite frequently as cold fronts pass into the Gulf of Mexico. The warm waters of the ocean weaken the impact of the cold air behind the front. By the time the front reaches the central Gulf, it’s nearly impossible to see the difference in air mass ahead of and behind the front. This is when frontolosis is complete.

NASA Knowledge

At a news conference yesterday, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters that he thinks humans will be going to Mars by 2035. That’s quite the ambitious statement! He says that by moving up the moon landing to 2024 that we also accelerate the Mars missions.

The Trump administration has been supportive of the Moon-to-Mars program.

Vice President Pence has stated that America is the leading force in the world when it comes to space exploration, but he also has stated that he is open to partnering with other like-minded countries on some missions. NASA is supportive of that ideology.


High wind watches have been issued for portions of Montana for Friday. Winds behind the next cold front could gust to 75 mph in the higher elevations!

Winter storm watches and warnings are in effect for the mountains of western Colorado for tonight. Up to 15 inches of snow could fall. This is from the system that will bring us rain this weekend.

Low humidity and gusty winds have caused the NWS in northern California to issue fire weather statements there. That wildfire danger will remain very high through tomorrow for northern California.

Finally, frost advisories cover a large portion of the southern Appalachians for tonight. Last night’s frost and tonight’s frost will accelerate the changing foliage, for those of you wishing to see that.

You all have a great day!


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