Much needed rainfall arriving today and a tropical storm for the Gulf


Weather Headlines

–Much needed rainfall arrives today and will last through Saturday

–Sunday’s weather looking good

–The next system arrives midweek, bringing more showers

–Halloween looks good but that forecast will have to be monitored

Main threats

Just be careful on roadways today through tomorrow, as rain overspreads the plateau.


As you can tell from looking outside, the clouds have arrived. As we go through the day, rain will develop and overspread the plateau. There could even be a rumble of thunder thrown in. Average rainfall totals should be in the 1-2 inch range across the plateau.

Skies should clear out Sunday, leaving us with a decent end of the weekend.

The beginning of our work week looks good, but our next system will be getting ready to move in for our midweek. Hopefully, that system clears out in time for Halloween. I’ll keep an eye on that.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was a cold morning on this day in 1955! The morning low was 21 degrees in Crossville. Thankfully, the dry airmass also heated up quickly, allowing us to rise 43 degrees in temperature to have a pleasant afternoon temperature of 63 degrees.


Tropical Storm Olga is expected to form today in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm will merge with a cold front as it moves northward and bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to parts of the Southeast in the coming days. The system should trek north along the Mississippi River basin. This will keep the heaviest rainfall west of the plateau.

The map below shows expected rainfall over the next three days. As you can see, the heaviest rainfall is expected across Mississippi and western portions of both Tennessee and Kentucky.


The system looks rather robust on infrared satellite this morning (8:30 a.m.).

sat_conuse_2km_ir4enh_20191025_1311 (1)

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


Snowfall accompanied by thunder and lightning.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Thundersnow is unusual but when it does occur it tends to happen during extremely heavy snowfall. There have even been instances when small hail has even fallen in thundersnow.

Like thunderstorms, strong updrafts are necessary for the lighting to occur. This means precipitation is very heavy. It’s similar to summer storms, except the surface air is cold. However, the cold air at the surface may be warm relative to the extremely cold air in the atmosphere. Such a scenario, with temperatures decreasing very rapidly with height, can lead to thundersnow.

NASA Knowledge

One week from today I’ll be participating in the NASA Social at Wallops!!! I’m starting to get very excited! I can’t wait to meet the other 49 NASA Social participants and to learn all about what’s going on at Wallops. BE SURE and FOLLOW along right here! I’ll have SO much to tell and share. Follow on my personal Facebook page, as well, for even more updates! (


There is a risk for severe weather today and tonight along the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts, as Tropical Storm Olga approaches the area. Flood watches cover Mississippi.

Western Montana is expecting very strong winds today that could gust to 80 mph in the higher elevations. Tomorrow, they’re expecting several inches of snow.

Blizzard conditions are expected to develop tomorrow across parts of Wyoming. Up to a foot of snow could fall, as winds howl out of the north at 25-35 mph.

Finally, Santa Ana winds are expected to create dangerous fire weather conditions across southern California today.

You can certainly tell the seasons are changing across the country! Snows out west, cold up north, and a tropical storm in the Gulf. Whew! It’s a busy weather day!

I’ll end on a very peaceful note….

I managed to snap this pic yesterday during sunset. Look in that wide space between the two cows on the left. Now, look up. That “star” you see is Jupiter. I was so excited to see that show up in the picture. The cows are pretty cool, too. haha I snapped this pic with my Nikon P510.


You all have a great day!

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