Sunday Story: Fall Severe Weather Season

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We should see skies gradually clear as we go through the day. It will be nice to see some sunshine, after all the rain we got yesterday. I picked up 2.74 inches at my house. That rain event likely lifts the severe drought we’ve been labeled under for so many weeks. I’m anxious to see the drought update when it comes out Thursday!

Another active storm system will move in Wednesday, bringing more showers and storms for a couple of days. Some of the storms on Halloween could be strong to severe. I’ll keep an eye on that. That system will likely bring enough rain to lift us out of drought conditions altogether! Rain showers should end by Friday morning. I’ll fine tune that forecast as we get closer.

Having a tropical storm bring us moisture yesterday was just what we needed to relieve us from severe drought. Had it not been for that, this drought would have lingered much longer and been much more severe. Thank you, Tropical Storm Olga!

The end of the week is still looking cold! Some of the models were even suggesting snow flurries for Friday morning. Regardless of that, a hard freeze looks to happen Saturday morning, with low temps in the 25-30 degree range. We’ll likely repeat that again Sunday morning.

Like I said, there is a chance for some rough storms on Halloween. I’ll be monitoring that, of course.

Speaking of which…..that’s exactly what the topic of this week’s Sunday Story relates to!

The Stormy Side of Fall

Autumn is an easy season to enjoy. The cooling temperatures and changing leaves make this a nice season, for sure. However, this season can also have an unpleasant side that we must not forget.

November is the secondary peak of severe weather season for our area. Much like the spring, we have cold fronts that move through in regular succession. Each front brings a collision between the retreating warm air of the summer and the invading cold air of winter. 

More often than not, that collision is rather uneventful. Thankfully, the airmass in place this time of year tends to be drier. Since moisture in the air is the fuel for storms, that keeps a lot of the storms from reaching their full potential. 

Still, there have been many autumn tornadoes in our area. Most notable is the November 10, 2002 tornado outbreak that produced deadly tornadoes in Cumberland and Morgan Counties. In total, 11 people lost their lives in tornadoes on the plateau that day.

Still, others have had it worse. On the evening of November 20, 1900 a massive tornado touched down in Maury County, Tennessee, located about 50 miles southwest of Nashville. That tornado took the lives of 27 people in the Happy Hollow area just west of Columbia.

In total, there have been 215 people hurt and 54 people killed across Middle Tennessee in November tornadoes, since records began in 1867.

Review your severe weather safety plan. Seek shelter in an interior room or hallway, away from windows. Wear a helmet to protect your head. Make sure everyone in your household knows what to do if severe weather strikes.

Enjoy those fall colors and hot chocolates, but keep in mind that the season that brings these good things, can also spin up some bad weather. 


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