A beautiful sunrise for a day that is the calm before the storm


Weather Headlines

–One more beautiful day

–Rain develops for Wednesday, followed by a rainy/stormy Halloween

–Storms on Halloween could be strong to severe

–Widespread, hard freeze conditions coming Saturday and Sunday mornings

–Drought conditions will likely end with this week’s rainfall

Main threats

THURSDAY: A marginal risk for severe weather has been outlined for much of the plateau for Halloween. I would just go ahead and consider all of us in the marginal level of risk.

The risk for tornadoes is quite low but it’s not completely zero. The winds that favor tornado formation will be ideal. The missing ingredient, as is common this time of year, is instability. That’s a BIG missing ingredient! The clouds and rain will keep us from getting unstable enough to have to really worry about tornadoes. We can be thankful for that. Still, don’t let your guard completely down.




SATURDAY & SUNDAY MORNINGS: Hard freeze conditions are likely both mornings. Low temps will fall below freezing for several hours.


We are in store for an absolutely beautiful day. Get out and enjoy it every chance you get!

Tonight, the pattern begins to change and by Wednesday we’ll be seeing rain showers develop. Those will become more widespread as we go through the day. We may even hear a rumble of thunder later in the day.

By Thursday, we’ll be dealing with the threat of strong to severe storms. This doesn’t look to be a widespread severe weather event, but there could certainly be some strong thunderstorms around the Midstate. Also, we could have some heavy downpours of rain around. Total rainfall amounts will likely be in the 2-3 inch range areawide.

Then, rain moves out as we go through the night Thursday. That will set the stage for a beautiful Friday. Well, beautiful in terms of sky condition. As far as temperatures go, it will be the coldest day we’ve seen yet this season, with highs not getting out of the 40s.

By Friday night, temps plummet and we will have no problem dropping into the mid 20s for lows. Some of you may even drop to the 23-24 degree marks.

This cold snap will remain with us for several days.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Twenty people lost their lives to a tornado in Berryville, Arkansas on this day in 1942. The twister also caused half a million dollars in damages.

A violent tornado struck Nebraska on this day in 1956. It’s unusual to see tornadoes that far north this time of year, but that didn’t keep this tornado from happening. Later analysis shows that it may have been a series of tornadoes, and not just a single one. The tornado, or tornadoes, carved a path of destruction that stretched for more than 100 miles from North Platte to Rock County.

FYI, North Platte is expecting a high of 30 degrees today, with north winds up to 20 mph, along with snow.


We still have a disturbance to watch that is so far out in the Atlantic. No matter what it does, it will not be a threat to the US mainland.


Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


The faint illumination of the part of the moon not illuminated by sunlight, as during the crescent phase, caused by reflection of light from the earth. In the image below, the dark part of the moon can still be seen because of Earthshine.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

During the daytime, the part of the moon that isn’t illuminated by the sun can make the moon appear to be missing a piece. For instance, the crescent moon below looks as if you can see sky where you know moon should be. This is because the bright, blue sky all around the moon drowns out the missing piece, giving you the allusion that you can see blue sky where the Moon should be.


NASA Knowledge

NASA has developed a new rover that will explore water ice on the South Pole of the Moon. This is the first such mission ever performed. The VIPER Lunar Rover will map out the water ice deposits on the Moon, something that will be very useful for future astronauts to know. The rover is about the size of a golf cart and will contain a drill that can penetrate the Moon’s surface to a depth of about 3 feet.

The rover is expected to be sent to the moon in 2022 and will collect about 100 days worth of data that will be used to make the first water ice maps of the Moon.

“The key to living on the Moon is water – the same as here on Earth,” said Daniel Andrews, the project manager of the VIPER mission and director of engineering at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. “Since the confirmation of lunar water-ice ten years ago, the question now is if the Moon could really contain the amount of resources we need to live off-world. This rover will help us answer the many questions we have about where the water is, and how much there is for us to use.”



The fire danger remains very high today across large portions of California. Fires have already been quite destructive.

Winter weather stretches across portions of the central plains today, from Colorado to northern Missouri.

Western Montana is under advisories for wind chills that could drop to 20 degrees below zero today.

This morning, we captured this time-lapse of the sunrise over downtown Crossville. What a sunrise!

I also took these pictures at my house this morning.

You all have a great day!



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