The Agenda for the NASA Social just arrived!

Ok. Now I’m getting way too excited! This is going to be so cool! Notice the zero-G oven demonstration. How cool will that be?! Can you tell I’m easily amused? Oh yeah, and there’s the rocket launch thing. lol

Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

8:00-8:20: NASA Social check in at Wallops Visitor Center

8:20-8:30: Opening remarks from NASA social media

8:30-8:50: Get to know your peers

8:50-9:00: Load onto busses

9:00-9:20: Travel to Wallops Island

9:20-9:40: Tour Horizontal Integration Facility

9:40-9:45: Travel to launch pad

9:45-10:05: Tour Launch Pad 0A and Antares rocket

Speaker: Mission Assurance Manager Chris Hale

10:05-10:25: Travel to Wallops Visitor Center

10:25-10:45: Comfort break/shopping break

10:45-11:15: Cooking Demonstration with the Zero-G Oven

                Speaker: Andrew Grage, Social Media Strategy Manager, DoubleTree

11:15-11:30: Take seats in Visitor Center auditorium

11:30-1:00: What’s on Board Briefing

1:00-2:15: Lunch break

2:15-2:30: Take seats in Visitor Center auditorium

2:30-3:30: Pre-launch Press Conference

3:30-3:45: Travel to NASA Wallops main base

3:45-4:45: Tour of the sounding rocket factory

                Speakers: Mission Manager Eric Roper and Test Engineer Nate Wroblewski

4:45-4:55: Walk to NASA’s Balloons Research and Development Lab

4:55-5:25: Balloons tour

                Speaker: Balloon Technologist Chris Yoder

5:25-5:30: Travel to Near Earth Network

5:30-6:00: Near Earth Network walking tour

6:00-6:15: Drive back to Wallops Visitor Center, tour concludes.

Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019

7:45: Arrive at BAE building/Lockheed Martin building

8:00: Depart for Wallops Island Media Viewing Area

9:59: Launch

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  1. Sounds great. See if you can get them to build (or launch) something here at Earth Station Crossville!

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