Sunny but colder day for you all, while I prepare for a rocket launch!

Forecast_Template - 2019-10-31T181550.047

Weather Headlines

–Freezing conditions expected each morning this weekend

–Sunny but cooler days ahead

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather is expected.


I hope you all enjoyed those snow flurries and snow showers yesterday! What a nice Halloween treat! ha Hopefully, we’ll see MUCH more of that this winter, right? 🙂

For now, we will continue to see very chilly mornings, followed by cool afternoons. The sun will be shining, but you’ll likely need that jacket. It would be a great weekend for hiking or doing any outdoor work.

The weather is looking good right on into the beginning of next week. I may have to add showers to Tuesday but those would be very light.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

Forecast_Template - 2019-10-31T181458.741


On this day in 1966 Santa Anna winds fanned intense wildfires across southern California. At the same time, numerous cities set record highs. Many of those cities either came close to or exceeded the 100-degree mark. Sadly, the fires took the lives of 16 firefighters.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Fire Whirl

The term “fire whirl” usually refers to brief spin-ups that are fairly common along the leading edges of large, intense forest fires. Driven by the buoyancy of the fire-heated air, and the contrast between the fire plume and the adjacent ambient air, these whirls can be dramatic, but they’re usually quite modest in scale: typically 30 to 150 feet tall, 10 to 50 feet wide, and lasting only a few minutes.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Fire whirls are sometimes referred to as fire tornadoes. This is inaccurate. A tornado is defined as having contact with a cloud base. A fire whirl does not do that. It is induced by the intense heat of the surface and the violent rising motion that comes with that.

Fire whirls have been known to contain winds strong enough to debark trees. More often than not, they absolutely incinerate everything in their path, due to their incredibly intense heat.

NASA Knowledge

I arrived yesterday evening and I’m all set to get this NASA Social underway today! I’ll post updates as I’m able! Stay tuned!

You all have a great day!

Forecast_Template - 2019-10-31T181458.741

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