The first oven in space

One of the coolest things about this launch, to me, is that this rocket will be transporting the first oven to space. The first thing the astronauts will bake is five chocolate chip cookies. Delicious, right?

Three of the cookies will be sent back to earth for testing. They’ll be tested for how thoroughly they baked and a whole host of other things. The other two cookies will be disposed of by the astronauts. I think they’ll come up with a good way of disposing those. haha

On earth, gravity keeps our cookies pressed to the pan. In space, the cookie is free to float and would look like a sphere when finished baking. However, these cookies will be confined by the tray they are in and should be similar to appearance to cookies cooked here on earth.

Also, on earth the heat in our ovens circulates about (convection). In space, that is not the case. This oven had to be designed to account for that.

Since Double Tree hotels are known for the cookies they give their guests, their cookie dough will be the dough the astronauts bake.

If this works out, astronauts will have a totally new way of preparing food. As we venture deeper into space, we’ll have to learn to grow and cook food. This is just one step toward that goal!

Of course, until this oven is used in space no one knows how things will go. It will be interesting to see how this goes! There is talk of live-streaming the baking of these cookies. I’ll let you know if/when that happens!

Pretty neat stuff, right?

Pictured below is the oven. That circular blue door opens up to the oven compartment. The two slits on the right are cooling racks.


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