The next system is on the horizon…literally

If you look to the west, you can see the clouds from our next storm system just now coming across the horizon. Those clouds will continue to move in and thicken up as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening.


If the clouds aren’t convincing then maybe radar will be. As you can see showers are off to our west and they are moving this way. They will be arriving very late tonight and staying with us all day tomorrow. It will take a while for our dry atmosphere to moist up, so many of us may not see rain until mid-morning Thursday.


Colder air will sweep in here tomorrow night and possibly squeeze out a snow flurry. That will lead to a sunny but cold Friday, with highs most of the day hanging in the 30s.

I also should mention that the monthly climate report released by NOAA just came out a few minutes ago. It shows that October 2019 was the coolest October in 10 years for the US, due primarily to increased precip keeping temps down.

Other significant events from the month are noted on the map below.


You all have a nice rest of the afternoon and evening!


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