Cold and getting colder


Weather Headlines

–A rainy day today

–Turning colder tonight with a possible snow flurry

–A nice, but chilly, weekend

–Strong cold front to bring rain and snow showers to the plateau on Monday

–Unseasonably cold temperatures for next week

Main threats

Just be prepared for the very cold temperatures coming next week. Overnight lows Tuesday and Wednesday will likely drop to the mid to upper teens for many of us. Since it’s been many months since we’ve been this cold, your outdoor pets and pipes may need some attention. Make sure both are taken care of.


We have a rainy day in store for us, as our latest storm system moves in. This system will be followed by much colder air tonight. We could even see a flurry or two flying in the breeze.

Tomorrow is looking sunny but very chilly. Temps will moderate into the weekend, with continued mostly sunny skies.

Then, our next big storm system arrives. The warmer side of the system will bring us rain showers. The colder side of that system could bring us some snow showers. Precip looks to be light, overall, so I’m not expecting major problems.

That system will be followed by the coldest air of the season, with some nights dropping into the teens.


Not available today.

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Today is the 79th anniversary of the famous Galloping Gertie bridge collapse in Tacoma, Washington. The bridge was originally named the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. For those of us who took physics in college, this was one of the most interesting topics to study! The bridge collapsed when 40-mph winds caused the evenly-sized spans of the bridge to begin vibrating until the central one collapsed.

From this point on, bridges would be constructed with spans of varying sizes.

The bridge cost six million dollars to build and was only open four months before the collapse. Thankfully, everyone had plenty of time to get off the bridge before it collapsed. This is considered by many to be the biggest and most famous non-fatal engineering disaster in US history.


Still asleep.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Aeroelastic Flutter

Basically, this is when the airstream associated with an object causes the object’s natural vibration to be enhanced. In other words, the vibration in the airstream only worsens the vibration the object naturally has. This can cause vertical vibration and a twisting motion at the same time. This must be accounted for in engineering practices and is something the engineers of the Tacoma Bridge learned the hard way!


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Engineers must design buildings and airplanes to be able to handle airflow around them. If they didn’t take that motion into consideration, we would see even more Tacoma Bridge-like disasters.

NASA Knowledge

NASA released a discouraging report on Tuesday. Twenty years of research indicates that the atmosphere over the Amazon rainforest is getting drier. The dryness is most pronounced over areas of clear-cutting, indicating that such practices are primarily responsible for the drying. Greenhouse gas emissions are also contributing to the warming, though they seem to have less of an influence as clear cutting.

When the trees are removed, the soils dry out very quickly. This lessons the ability of nature to put moisture in the air through evaporation, leading to less vapor in the air. This then leads to less moisture available for rain.

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, removing billions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. This process helps regulate the Earth’s temperature, keeping life sustainable. When those large trees die, they release carbon dioxide. Plus, that tree is now no longer able to absorb carbon dioxide. It’s a vicious cycle.

NASA, like so many of us, hopes that reports like this raise awareness of the importance of rainforest preservation and how very important it is to protect all the precious plant and animal species that call the rainforest home.

So far, the Brazilian government has shown no concern.



Today, I have traveled to Smith County with Charlotte Carter to attend the Upper Cumberland 911 Directors Association! We look forward to meeting with so many of our emergency responders and either speak with customers we already know so well, or perhaps even find some new ones!

You all have a great day!


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