Calm before the storm

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Weather Headlines

–Beautiful weather for the next couple of days (calm before the storm)

–Veterans Day is looking mostly dry, with overnight rain likely

–Rain changing to light snow Monday night. Light accumulation possible.

–Tuesday looks blustery and very cold w/ flurries and snow showers

Main threats

The cold air coming next week is unlike anything we’ve seen since last winter. Make sure everything at your home is winterized and that your outdoor pets are prepared. Make sure your elderly or other “at risk” neighbors know of the coming cold and make sure they are also prepared. This nice weekend is a good opportunity to get everything ready for not only next week’s temperatures, but for the coming winter months.


We’ve got a nice weekend in store for us, though it will be a bit chilly. Just enjoy that beautiful sunshine!

Our cold front for Monday has slowed down and it now looks like at least the first half of the day will be dry. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rain holds off until after dark. So, Veteran’s Day activities should be in good shape!


The bottom drops out on us Monday night. We’ll see rain develop ahead of a very strong, arctic cold front. As cold air rushes in behind the front, we’ll see the rain transition to snow. That light snow/snow shower activity will likely continue into at least the first half of Tuesday.  Total snow accumulation could reach one inch on grassy areas. Stay tuned for updates on that, though.

Some models want to bring another chance for precip at the end of the week and others do not. I’ll keep an eye on that.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Today is the anniversary of the November 9, 2002 tornado that hit Cumberland County so very hard. The Lake Tansi community was hardest hit, with four fatalities. This remains one of the worst autumn tornado outbreaks in Middle Tennessee history. The severe weather followed a record high in Crossville of 75 degrees that day.

This is the official NWS storm write-up for the Lake Tansi tornado….

“An F3 tornado struck the Lake Tansi area and the southern sections of Crossville Sunday night, killing 4 people and injuring 18. 33 homes and mobile were destroyed and 128 homes and mobile homes were damaged. There was damage to one public building. The heaviest damage was along Lantana Drive, Dunbar Road, and Pigeon Ridge Road. 5 homes were damaged on U.S. Highway 127 and just south of Three Creek Road. One well built home lost an entire roof and several walls. The couple, their 3 children, and a guest, huddled under a mattress in the hallway. 50 acres of hardwoods were twisted and tangled. 100-year-old oak trees were snapped like wheat straws. Mobile homes on the Ballyhoo Campground and modular homes in Lake Tansi were destroyed. The four fatalities occurred in mobile homes. A couple was killed at 298 Lantana Drive when their mobile home was lifted off its foundation and placed on another trailer. Edward, 80 and Mary Laffer 75 were killed. Another couple died at 4040 Lone Wolf Circle. Robert, 55 and Sandy Scarbrough, 52, were killed and their bodies were found across Lake Mohawk.”

It is also worth noting that a tornado earlier in the evening hit the Crab Orchard community. The F-1 blew a tractor trailer truck on its side.



Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Monkey’s Wedding

In South African slang, this is a “sun-shower”, or a period of alternating sunshine and rain showers. It is unclear where this phrase originates but it may stem from the phrase “monkey’s wedding-breakfast”, implying a state of confusion.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Weather lore says that if you have rain and sunshine at the same time, it will rain at the exact same time the next day. That’s something for you to test the next time you see that! (ha)

NASA Knowledge

I had an absolute blast last evening talking with the girl scouts at Lake Tansi. They were doing a space-themed party and I was invited to give a talk in the evening. Following my talk, we went outside to look for things through telescopes that had been set up. Those are some very smart girl scouts and I was impressed with their questions and comments.

I told them of how women only make up about 11% of all space explorers and they did not like that at all! (ha) I told them to get out there and change that. Their eyes lit up when I told them that a woman will walk on the moon the next time we go and I asked them what her first lunar words should be. One girl, absolutely grinning from ear to ear, said, “That’s one small step for a girl!”

They also LOVED my new NASA jacket with the patches. Some said that was the coolest jacket they had ever seen. Tell me something I don’t know, girls. (LOL)

And yes…I’m still waiting to hear if I got the NASA Social for the SpaceX launch coming December 4. I’ve been told there were 650 applicants, though, so it may take a bit of time. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.


Winter storm watches and advisories cover the state of Montana, as several inches of snow could fall this weekend.

Air quality alerts continue for the Pacific Northwest.

Gusty winds and very low humidity will create dangerous fire weather conditions today for western Nebraska and western Kansas. Folks are urged to be very careful not to start fires.

You all have a great Saturday!


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