Mid-day weather update

Showers are progressing across the state at this hour. It still looks like the bulk of the shower activity will arrive near or shortly after dark. Rainfall amounts should stay on the light side.

As we go through the night, the rain will change to snow. That changeover should begin for the western edges of the plateau around 9-10:00 pm. That changeover for Crossville and Jamestown should occur sometime around midnight (give or take an hour).

Snowfall accumulations should stay on the light side, with many of us getting 1/2-1″ of snow, especially on grassy areas.

I’ll keep watching it and tracking it all this evening!

One of the more reliable short-term models shows snow accumulating by 1-3:00 a.m, with up to an inch of snow accumulation.

Temps drop off fast when that front passes through! Below is the latest look at weatherTAP’s RadarLab.



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