Our first snow of the season?


Weather Headlines

–Rain turning to snow overnight, with light accumulations possible

–Bitter cold, windy conditions for Tuesday (Bundle up!)

–Warming trend begins Thursday

Main threats

The main threat is that bitter cold air coming tomorrow and tomorrow night. Please make sure your neighbors and outdoor pets are prepared.

The secondary threat will be the possibility of some slick spots on the roads due to some light snow tonight. Just be mindful of that, esp on bridges and overpasses. Up to an inch of accumulation is possible.


Today is the calm before the big storm. It’s actually looking like a decent Veteran’s Day. Clouds will be on the increase and winds will likely become breezier as we go through the day. The good news is that the rain should mainly hold off until after dark.

As we go through the evening, we’ll be tracking the rain/snow line as it crosses the state. That line should arrive on the plateau between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am. That changeover should occur quickly, with some heavier bursts of snow possible. As temperatures plummet, snow will begin to accumulate on surfaces. Grassy areas will be the most vulnerable, but bridges and overpasses will have to be watched closely too.

Tuesday night will bring the coldest temps of the season. Lows could dip to the mid teens. I wouldn’t be surprised to see colder spots drop to around 10 degrees, esp if you still have some snow around. Snow cover always makes for colder conditions.

If we have some snow around Tuesday night it will make for a very, very bright night. That is because we will have a Full moon that night.

The good news is that this bitter cold snap is short-lived. The arctic high will quickly move east of us, giving us a return flow out of the south. This will allow us to warm up nicely by the end of the week and into the weekend.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



An usual arctic cold front brought very cold temps to the state on this day in 1960. Crossville was 19 degrees on this morning. Interestingly, I think we’ll be several degrees colder than that come Wednesday morning of this week.

An arctic front crossing the plains caused some dramatic temperature differences on this day in 1911. After an afternoon high of 83 degrees, Oklahoma City dropped to 17 degrees behind the front. This is the most dramatic 24-hour temperature change for that city’s history. In Independence, Kansas the temperature dropped from 83 degrees to 33 degrees in just one hour!

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Radiational Cooling

The process of losing heat due to thermal radiation. For earth, it is the escape of heat at night due to the absence of the sun’s energy.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Radiational cooling is at its max when the skies are clear. This allows the heat of the day to escape easily into space. If there is snow cover, that heat escape is even more pronounced, due to the white color of the snow having retained so little of the sun’s energy during the day.

The reason temps are colder when there is snowpack has little to do with snow being ice. It has much more to do with snow’s white color not absorbing the sun’s shortwave radiation efficiently. Remember, black objects are hotter because they efficiently absorb that solar energy.

NASA Knowledge

I still haven’t heard anything. This is getting ridiculous. (ha) Talk about a lesson in patience!

I did notice my key chain hanging out of my pocket this morning. That’s a good sign, right? (ha)


In other news…

Mercury is currently passing in front of the sun (from our point of view). That transit started at 6:35 this morning (CST) and will continue until 11:35 this morning. I’m still trying to figure out how to see it safely. Not gonna lie, already made one mistake and am still seeing spots. (lol)

NASA has already said you can’t use the glasses you watched the eclipse with. Apparently, Mercury is too small to use those.

I’ll let you all know AS SOON AS I HEAR from this NASA Social.


Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings stretch from Oklahoma to Maine this morning. The big news, by far, is the big arctic front crossing the country today and tonight.

Did you all catch that sunrise this morning? It was so beautiful!



You all have a great day!



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