Winter Weather Advisory

The National Weather Service in Nashville has now issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for much of the Cumberland Plateau. This advisory goes into effect at midnight and expires at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Total snowfall accumulations could reach 1 inch, esp on grassy surfaces. Be especially careful on bridges and overpasses later tonight and in the morning, as they will develop icy patches before other roadway surfaces do. Hopefully, the ground temperatures have warmed enough that the main roads will stay alright. By the time the most bitter of cold air arrives, the bulk of the moisture will be gone.

Be sure you’re prepared for the bitter cold temperatures coming tomorrow and tomorrow night. That stiff, unforgiving north wind tomorrow will only make it feel worse. Bundle up!

Please don’t forget to make sure your elderly neighbors (or any at-risk neighbor) is ready for the cold weather. And make sure your outside furbabies are ready, too. Pack some straw in their house, etc and make sure they have shelter that is dry and out of the wind. Low temps will dip to 10-16 degrees across the plateau Tuesday night. It’s been a while since we’ve been that cold!

Below is the current weatherTAP National RadarLab view. Notice the rain/snow line is just now crossing the Tennessee state line in West Tennessee. I’m tellin’ ya, when that front passes through you’re going to know it!

weatherTAP_RadarLab_Image_20191111_2032 (1)

And here is a map showing the current winter weather advisories in blue.


I’ll be tracking this all evening! The transition from rain to snow should begin affecting the western edges of the plateau around 9:00 pm, reaching Crossville and Jamestown around midnight. I’ll be tracking!

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