Going out for lunch? Check that temp first!

If you must go out for lunch just keep in mind that our air temperature is now 21 degrees at 11:30, with a north wind at 11 mph. This creates a feel-like temp of 10 degrees. That temp will hold steady or slightly fall the rest of the day.

Our record low for tonight is 18 degrees. That will be shattered, as will numerous other records across the country tonight. Many of those records have stood for over 100 years.

Are we sure it’s not January 12th, instead of November 12th? ha

With temps this cold tonight, make sure your neighbors (esp the elderly and at-risk) are ready for this cold. It never hurts to just drop in and say hello and make sure their heat is up to speed.

And don’t forget those outside furbabies! They get hypothermia, too. If you can’t bring them inside, get them some straw, warm blankets, etc.


Snow flurries should continue through the afternoon for many of us, with clearing skies coming tonight.

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