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A blog of warmer temps, frost flowers, and miracle cows


Weather Headlines

–A dry extended forecast

–Mild temperatures will prevail over the next five to seven days

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather in sight.


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday morning we were so cold, with temps in the lower teens. Today, we’re coming to work with temps in the lower 30s.

This warmer weather will continue for the next week or so. Afternoon highs will be pleasant and in the 50s, while overnight lows will dip to the mid to upper 20s. Not too bad for this time of year!



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was a wild weather week at this time in 1987. A major snowstorm hit the Rockies, dropping a foot of snow at Brian Head ski resort. That storm produced winds up to 52 mph. Meanwhile, Washington DC had a high temperature of 68 degrees, after being buried under a  foot of snow just three days earlier.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Frost Flowers

Thin layers of ice, about the thickness of a credit card, that extrude from long-stemmed plants in autumn or early winter. The think layers of ice are often formed into exquisite patterns that curl into “petals” that resemble flowers.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

There were lots of images of frost flowers in this latest arctic blast we just had. Their formation requires freezing temperatures, soil that is moist but not frozen, and a plant’s stem that has not been previously frozen. This is often a once per year event.

To find frost flowers, look in areas with tall weeds. Pretty neat, right?


NASA Knowledge

Yesterday, SpaceX performed a successful static fire test of the Crew Dragon. The success of this test means we’re now closer than ever to sending astronauts to the International Space Station from American soil again!

Today is also a remarkable anniversary…

Today is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 12. If you recall, we walked on the moon for the first time with Apollo 11 the summer before this. For Apollo 12, the rocket was launched during a thunderstorm. Thirty-six seconds into flight the rocket was struck by lightning. The astronauts lost all of their monitors and had no way of knowing what to do next. The mission was nearly aborted.

Then, at the last minute, Flight Controller John Aaron made the recommendation to “try SCE to Aux.” This was a simple switch, but one the astronauts weren’t sure where to find! Thankfully, they found it and flipped it. Everything was fine. This is hailed as one of NASA’s finest moments.

Had the astronauts aborted the mission in the storm, all three lives would surely have been lost.


Some of you may seen me share this story on weatherTAP social media. It’s quite the bizarre story! Three cows have been found roaming a national park. While that may be unusual in itself, the story of how the cows got there is even stranger.

It is believed that the cows swam four to five miles across the Core Sound off the Carolina Coast during Hurricane Dorian! The island they once occupied was wiped clean by a storm surge. Many of the animals on the island perished. But, here these three cows are!

Wildlife officials plan to sedate the cows and have them sent back to Cedar Island, where they were before the storm.

Pictured below are the wild cows before the storm. If these cows could talk…. Still, it’s a mooooving story about survival, right? 🙂


You all have a great day!


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