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A treat in that evening sky!

Last night the evening sky offered quite the treat! If you go outside and have a clear view of the western sky (all the way to the horizon), you will be able to see three planets. The one closest to the horizon is Venus. Next up is Jupiter. Higher in the sky and dimmest of  the three is Saturn. They will form a trifecta line in the sky.

Because the planets and the moon never deviate from more than 5 degrees from the sun’s path, just keep in mind where you saw the sun set. That will guide you to the planets. You won’t need much help though, as Jupiter shines very brightly! Then, just look closer to the horizon for Venus. Look higher in they sky for Saturn.

Then, at about 7:20 or so, you see the big and beautiful moon rise.

Pictured below is a map of the sky at 5:00 p.m. this evening. Notice the three planets in the western sky. Last night, you could see Jupiter and Venus VERY easily! They were so bright against the evening sky. There was even some color left from the sunset and the scene was absolutely spectacular.

Hopefully, clouds streaming to our south right now won’t hinder the view of the planets. Those clouds may make the sunset more incredible, and could really make the moon rise stand out. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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