A nice night to watch a meteor shower

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Forecast_Template - 2019-11-16T071428.090

Weather Headlines

–Sky conditions should cooperate for meteor shower watching this weekend

–Mild weather continues

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather is in sight.


We’re in for some very pleasant days, folks! The only chance for rain may hold off until the very end of the forecast period. That’s too far off to nail down any specifics, so we won’t worry too much about that.

Sky conditions should be favorable for the meteor shower tonight. The best time to look is after midnight but you can see them all night long. There’s really no particular direction to look, so just look up. Try to get the moon behind something, like a barn, trees, etc. That will help you see the sky better (kinda like blocking the sun so you can see better in the daylight). Give your eyes at least 15 minutes to adjust to the dark.

Just watch the sky. Don’t expect too much, but enjoy what you do see!


Forecast_Template - 2019-11-16T071635.335

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



A strong cold front blew through Tennessee on this day in 1955. The front caused the temperature to drop in Crossville from a daytime high of 69 degrees to a low of  25 degrees by midnight! Nashville went from a high of 73 degrees to a midnight temperature of 30 degrees.

On this day in 1959 the most severe November cold wave in US history was underway. A weather station in Lincoln, Montana recorded a temperature of 53 degrees below zero. This set a national low temperature for the month of November. The high in Lincoln that day was one degrees.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

Occluded Front

Cold fronts move faster than warm fronts. When the cold front catches up to the warm front, an occluded fronts results.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

An occluded front indicates that a storm system is mature. The system begins dissipating after the occlusion phase. Pictured below is the development of an occluded front. These fronts are represented on weather maps as alternating half circles and triangles on the same side of the front (See #3 below. The front hanging from the L is occluded, while everything south of the warm front is still occluding).


NASA Knowledge

There have been lots of remembrances this past week concerning the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 moon landing. What a momentous occasion!

During that mission, the Earth moved directly between the sun and the Apollo 12 spacecraft on the journey back home from the Moon. The crew captured the solar eclipse on a 16mm motion picture camera. What a sight that must have been!



The Leonid Meteor shower is peaking this weekend. The bright moon may hinder viewing but, overall, it should be a good show. Just go out and look up, as they meteors will be flying in any direction. They usually have nice, long tails with them.

The big weather story of the day is a big coastal storm developing off the Carolina Coast. The storm will bring very rough surf, strong gusty winds, and heavy rainfall to much of the Southeast coastline today.

You all have a great day!



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