Rain and wind, followed by snow

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Weather Headlines

–Rain develops for our Saturday and continues into the night (1-2″ of rain expected)

–Drier for Sunday, along with wind

–Light snow develops by Monday morning (1-2″ accumulation possible)

Main threats

Wind and rain tonight could lead to sporadic power outages.

Light snow Sunday night and Monday morning could lead to some slick spots on roadways.


The clouds are certainly settled in and they will eventually start dropping some rain drops. The heaviest rain arrives tonight. Winds will be breezy but they should stay under wind advisory criteria for today. That may change tonight.

All the rain moves out by Sunday morning, leaving us with a partly cloudy and breezy day. Clouds should start to quickly move back in Sunday evening. By midnight, light rain will be developing.

As temps cool overnight, the light rain should change to light snow. That snow will continue through Monday morning. Total snowfall accumulation could reach one inch across the plateau, with some areas getting up to two inches if everything sets up just right. I’ll keep watching this closely and update you as needed. It will also be very windy with this snow.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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A severe cold wave in 1875 led to a morning low of five degrees in New York City on this day that year. Other locations in the Northeast experienced similar temperatures.

In 1957, Honolulu reported a wind gust of 82 mph. That’s a record wind gust for the city. The wind was from downsloping winds caused by Hurricane Nina. Other locations on the island experienced 35-foot waves and over 20 inches of rain. The bizarre thing is that Nina never came closer than 120 miles to the island. That was a big hurricane!


Speaking of hurricanes…..

Today is the last day of hurricane season! The season wrapped up with 18 names storms, six of which became hurricanes.

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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You all have a great Saturday!

Forecast_Template - 2019-11-30T072725.380

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