Saturday afternoon wx update

The thunder has been booming across parts of the plateau this afternoon! This is in response to a warm front lifting north. South winds will pick up later on this evening and become quite gusty through the night. Some gusts could top 25 mph.

Toward Sunday morning, those winds will shift to the west and become even more gusty (up to 35 mph). Keep in mind that gusty winds can cause sporadic power outages. It is believed that winds will stay below wind advisory criteria, meaning they won’t gust above 35 mph. That thinking could change tomorrow, however.

Storms should stay below strong/severe limits but we are very lucky. Tornado watches do cover parts of the Deep South and those will stay to our south.

To our north across Kentucky, flash flood warnings have been issued all day. We’re just right in the middle, with general t-storms and some occasional heavy downpours. There’s much more where that came from (look at West TN on the radar below).

Rainfall amounts should stay in the one to two inch range.

Pictured below is the current radar. Notice the tornado watches across Mississippi (yellow). Flood warnings are in effect for western Kentucky. We still have lots of rain and storms to come, with that activity in West TN moving our way.


I should also note that the forecast for light snow is still on track for tomorrow night. Most of us will stay at or under an inch (as it looks right now), with areas along the western edge of the plateau getting a bit more (possibly). Monday is looking quite wintry, with snow showers most of the day and highs in the mid 30s.

You all have a great Saturday night.

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