Sunday afternoon weather update on snow potential

Everything is still looking on track for light snow tonight and Monday. The NWS was correct to point out that, “Upslope flow into the Cumberland Plateau could
enhance snowfall leading to high amounts than currently forecast. This type of system is prone to do this.”

This is what we call a “northwest flow” event, meaning northwest winds hit the plateau at a 90-degree angle, enhancing precipitation. The plateau is oriented southwest to northeast. This system has quite a bit of moisture with it, so there should be enough to whiten the plateau.

I still think we’re still on track or 1-2 inches of snow, with the higher amounts being on the western edge of the plateau (ie. Monterey).

Again, it looks like we’ll all be white in the morning and it will be interesting to see how much moisture this system wrings out. I’ll keep an eye on it. It looks like snow showers will continue for much of the day, with temps in the low to mid 30s.

The pic below is one I took this afternoon. The clouds are moving in.


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