Arctic air in sight, but mild for now

Forecast_Template - 2019-12-07T065821.312

Weather Headlines

–A partly to mostly cloudy but dry weekend

–Rain showers move in late Sunday night and last through Monday

–Rain intensifies Tuesday, followed by sharply colder temperatures

–Temps begin to warm by the end of the week, with our next rain system

Main threats

Be prepared for the sharply colder temps Tuesday night and Wednesday. Don’t forget those outdoor fur babies.


Clouds will be stubborn to leave today. Hopefully, we’ll see some peaks of sun by this afternoon. Clouds should be in good supply for our Sunday too.

Rain showers move in Sunday night. Rainfall amounts through Tuesday morning should be on the light side, with less than 1/4″ expected.

Rainfall increases in coverage and intensity for Tuesday, as a very strong cold front makes it way across the state. Temps will fall fast and hard with the passage of that front Tuesday night. We can’t rule out a snow flurry or three. No accumulation is expected.

By the end of the week, temps should begin to warm again, just in time for the next rain maker.


Forecast_Template - 2019-12-07T070113.487

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

Forecast_Template - 2019-12-07T065541.665


A winter storm spread over half a foot of snow over parts of Kansas and Oklahoma on this day in 1989. The storm transitioned to an ice threat by the time it reached Arkansas and Tennessee. At one one point, 40,000 homes were without electricity in the Nashville area.

Saturday Weather Satire


NASA Knowledge

Using data from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), astronomers have captured a clear start-to-finish image sequence of an explosive emission of dust, ice, and gases during the close approach of a comet to Earth back in September of 2018. This is the most complete and detailed observation to date of this process.


Normal comets are driven by the sun vaporizing the ice near the surface of the comet (at the nucleus). However, many comets are also known to experience outbursts that can significantly increase the comet’s activity. More studies are needed to understand why and how these outbursts happen.


Greg Windsor took this photo yesterday at Destin, Florida. It appears they do Christmas a little differently than us Tennessee folks. haha


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Many of the hazards you see below are for light snow, especially across the northern plains. The exceptions are the red-shaded counties of California, where several feet of snow is expected. The green-shaded counties in California are expecting flooding. High winds are expected for eastern Wyoming, while dense fog will be slow to burn off across the Dakotas.



You all have a great Saturday!

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