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Afternoon Weather Update (1:40)

This is the scene near Des Moines, Iowa this afternoon. This same system is the one we’re watching come our way for tomorrow. Let’s hope we don’t experience anything like this. Notice how little snow/ice is on the road. There’s hardly anything on the ground. Plus, this is Iowa, where folks are better at driving on that stuff than we are. At last account, about 50 vehicles are involved.


This is why it’s so important to stay on top of the weather forecast. Following this blog is a very good step in the right direction toward staying informed. I appreciate you all following me, and I appreciate you trusting me with your weather info.

As for tomorrow’s snow, I’d be on the lookout for that transition anytime after the noon hour. We’ll likely see that changeover occur around early afternoon, but sometimes these systems speed up and get here a little quicker. I still think roads will be fine through at least 4:00 pm for most of the plateau. Roads may start to get tricky for you folks on the western edge of the plateau about an hour or so before that. Just keep that in mind if you have to travel west tomorrow.

As always, I’m tracking it all and I’ll be tracking it until those first flakes start falling!

Right now, the front is pushing through Arkansas and Missouri. This imagery is from WeatherTAP’s new customizable RadarLab National product.


You all have a good rest of the afternoon. I’ll be updating again later this evening.


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