Winter Wx Update

I just sat in on a NWS conference call and everything continues to look on track for a rain to snow transition tomorrow. If I had to make any adjustments to my forecast issued in this morning’s blog it would be to the timing of the transition. Some guidance now suggest that the changeover will begin as early as noon. If that should happen, we could be looking at tricky travel conditions by mid-afternoon.

The more likely scenario is a changeover occurring around the 2-4:00 pm timeframe. That would lead to tricky travel by around 5:00 or so. I’ll keep a close eye on this. Timing is always the trickiest part with these types of winter weather scenarios.

Accumulations are still on track. I still think we’ll see around an inch of slushy snow. Some of you may creep up closer to 2 inches but that would be the maximum amount.

So, the bottom line is that we are still on track for some light snow but this continues to not look like a major winter storm.

I’ll keep an eye on it for ya!

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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