A wintry forecast to pay attention to


Weather Headlines

–Beautiful weather today and tomorrow (just a bit chilly!)

–The next system moves in Friday morning (may begin as a mix?)

–Rain and snow chances return early next week (monitoring closely)

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather is expected for the next week.


After a calm Wednesday and Thursday, the pattern will become very active and a bit complicated.

Our next weather-maker moves in later Thursday night and Friday morning. That system will bring us rain throughout the day Friday. When the precip first starts, it could be a rain/snow mix. I think temps will stay just above freezing but it’s a close call. I’ll keep an eye on that. Even if we do get a light wintry mix at the onset of precip, it will quickly turn to plain rain.

Right now, Saturday is looking wet. We may see some wet snowflakes later Saturday evening/night. I don’t think we’ll see any accumulation but I’ll watch it.

Sunday is looking cloudy before the next weather-maker moves in Monday. It’s too far out to be specific, but guidance suggests that we may be looking at a wintry event Monday night and Tuesday. Stay tuned.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



On this day in 1962 a snowfall of several inches led to record cold temps across Middle TN. Crossville would wake up to a low of two below zero on this morning.

On the flip side of that….

On this day in 2007 the city of Crossville broke an all-time record high for the month of December. We hit 72 degrees for an afternoon high. This shattered the old record by nine degrees! Over in Nashville, they broke a record that had stood for 134 years when the city hit 76 degrees for a high.

Like I say, you just never know what you’re going to get in winter time around here!

Wednesday’s Weather Word of the Day

Hypothermia (hi-poe-THUR-me-uh)

A medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature. Normal body temperature is around 98.6 F. Hypothermia occurs as your body temperature falls below 95 F.

It does not have to be freezing cold for you to suffer hypothermia. You only need to be in a condition to where your body temp falls below 95 degrees. Being very poorly dressed and/or wet in 40-degree temps could also lead to hypothermia, for example.

NASA Knowledge

Yesterday, while talking with homeschoolers at Bethlehem Baptist Church, a very intelligent young lady wanted to know what the first animal in space was. What a very good question!

The first animal in space was a Rhesus monkey called Albert 1. He was launched on June 11, 1948. That was just a suborbital flight though.

The first animal to actually go into orbit around the Earth was a dog named Laika. That occurred on November 3, 1957.

So, the dog wins. lol


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



The International Space Station flies over this evening at 4:50 pm. I’ll send out a reminder. The view should be really good.


You all have a great day!



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