A stormier change to the forecast….

In this morning’s blog, I mentioned that I may have to add thunder to the forecast on Monday. That was based on guidance from last night and yesterday. This morning’s guidance is only reinforcing that.

I just listened in on a discussion from the NWS Nashville just now and they are now asking folks to pay attention to the weather over the weekend concerning Monday. They are right to advise that.

Now, the Storm Prediction Center has decided to go ahead and outline an area for severe t-storms for Monday.  They don’t highlight areas this far out unless their confidence is unusually high for storms. This comes right up to the western edge of the plateau. This area of severe weather potential could easily be expanded eastward over the coming days. In fact, I expect it to.

All modes of severe weather would be possible, including the risk for tornadoes.

I’ll keep a close eye on this and I’ll keep you all informed. I know many of us are busy this time of year, so I wanted to give you an early heads up that Monday could be a rough weather day for our area. Plus, few people are looking for severe weather this time of year but we can certainly have it!

See why it’s important to constantly follow the blog? Snow one day, the threat of severe storms the next. The plateau is a crazy place in the winter! ha I’ll stay on top of it for ya!



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